Sunday, September 20, 2015

wow, been a while for sure...

was prompted to take a look at my blog after getting an email comment from solitary diner (hi!)...and wow...been a while!

since the last post i've gotten married, we've rescued a dog, interviewed for fellowship, had a lot of good wine...a lot of stuff!

i'm patiently waiting for match day.  though i have to say...match day this time around is very different feeling than the match for residency.  this time around it feels so much more calm.  worst case scenario?  i just go into private practice!  not so bad haha...though in the field i'm going into everyone says you get your top 1-3 choices.  we'll see.

so overall life is good.  being a chief is interesting.  i'm growing a lot as a surgeon and as a person.  there are a lot of surgeries that i feel totally comfortable doing, but then there are a lot of surgeries that i still feel that i need a ton more learning on.  good thing is i still have time left in chief year to learn.

i've also fallen in love with my cameron's textbook on my kindle.

alright, until next time!

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Solitary Diner said...

Weird...your previous post showed up suddenly in my blog feed, and I thought it was a new post. Perhaps it was a sign from the universe that you should return to blogging?

Congrats on the marriage and all the exciting things going on in your life!