Thursday, June 27, 2013

it's official...

i'm a third year surgical resident now!

and cue the extra responsibility, awkward "middle child" feelings, etc...

call last night was brutal.  lots of stupid crap coming through and then being immediately discharged.  (on a side note, it's hilarious what people do sometimes to get out of going to jail.)  then serious injuries...i hate having frank conversations with people but the job has to get done.  and i'm nice and respectful about it, but honestly, people, what do you expect with people who fall while on coumadin to prevent them from getting another huge blood clot but end up with massive head bleeds?  throw metastatic cancer on top of that, a few fractures, and sheesh, it makes me have a headache.

new interns start officially with clinic duties july 1.  i've met them all now, seem to be a decent bunch.  we'll see though...evil laughter...

still can't make all my attendings happy, but it's a learning process, right?

harvested a bunch of radishes and the tomatoes and cucumbers are growing.  peppers have blooms on them, and the basil and cilantro are trying hard to grow.  blueberry bushes have been planted, and the birds seem to be getting a lot of the berries.  fig trees doing well.  things are coming along with the landscaping.

having our annual big party soon.  super excited about that!

just thought i'd post.  i like to check in every now and then.