Sunday, February 03, 2013

post absite

so now that the horrible test is done...will have to wait a few weeks to get the results.  theoretically, ha, i was better prepared and all that fun stuff, but that test is still freaking hard!  ugh.  i hope i did better because i'll be the laughingstock of my class again.  ok, not that harsh but whatever.  at least i'm done with all the steps so they can't get TOO mad at me...

about to go to the farm store to look for clover seeds.  actually, H just wants to hang out there.  haha.  then it's the grocery store to get a few things so i can make KIMCHI!!!  times TWO DIFFERENT WAYS.  OMG.  we went to the closest h-mart yesterday and i got some crazy napa and some baby radishes.  i am super stoked.  super bowl?  what's that!  today is KIMCHI MAKING DAY!!!  and H will be making red beans and rice to pay homage to NOLA.  le sigh.  i miss the south.

tomorrow i start my ambulatory block.  which essentially means show up at the outpatient place and just do whatever i feel like doing.  wahoo!  then another block of trauma.  i will also be working on a research paper and doing a lot of house painting as well.  and resting.  i sure do need it.  and kimchi eating.  hee hee!

ok, i'm being called away.  seeya!

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Solitary Diner said...

Red beans and rice with kimchee...sounds like an interesting combination! Congrats on being done ABSITE. Hopefully your outpatient block will be a bit of a break from studying/working ridiculously hard.