Thursday, June 27, 2013

it's official...

i'm a third year surgical resident now!

and cue the extra responsibility, awkward "middle child" feelings, etc...

call last night was brutal.  lots of stupid crap coming through and then being immediately discharged.  (on a side note, it's hilarious what people do sometimes to get out of going to jail.)  then serious injuries...i hate having frank conversations with people but the job has to get done.  and i'm nice and respectful about it, but honestly, people, what do you expect with people who fall while on coumadin to prevent them from getting another huge blood clot but end up with massive head bleeds?  throw metastatic cancer on top of that, a few fractures, and sheesh, it makes me have a headache.

new interns start officially with clinic duties july 1.  i've met them all now, seem to be a decent bunch.  we'll see though...evil laughter...

still can't make all my attendings happy, but it's a learning process, right?

harvested a bunch of radishes and the tomatoes and cucumbers are growing.  peppers have blooms on them, and the basil and cilantro are trying hard to grow.  blueberry bushes have been planted, and the birds seem to be getting a lot of the berries.  fig trees doing well.  things are coming along with the landscaping.

having our annual big party soon.  super excited about that!

just thought i'd post.  i like to check in every now and then.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


hey ya'll, it's been a while.


ABSITE: omg, i did good enough this year to get off the "shit list" that my program keeps.  so that means either > 70% correct or > 30th percentile.  and i did BOTH.  wahoo!  i did better, i was hoping to do much better, but you know, i'll take what i can get.  i'm wondering if i'll be in the running for "most improved" come graduation dinner time...

HOUSE: we kind of sort of have the backyard garden mapped out.  H fortified the big planter so it will be ready for the herbs.  i started seeds for heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers, cilantro, basil, and zinnias (for around the mailbox).  i have seeds for direct sowing of radishes, beets, green onion, and salad mix.  oh yeah, and marigolds and some assortment of wildflowers.  and giant sunflowers!  yes...if this residency thing doesn't work out i'll be a farmer.  also we finally finished the family room (paint and carpet) so we need to find furniture.  but then again it's fun to have friends over with little kiddos and roll around on the floor.  and today i attacked our laundry/downstairs bathroom and got rid of 80% of the wallpaper.  then that will get painted over and then at least it won't look so least until we have time to properly tear down ugly tile, re-sheet rock the walls, and redo the floor.

FUTURE LIFE DIRECTION: so as far as fellowships now i'm seriously considering critical care + trauma or acute care surgery.  so realistically speaking i shouldn't ever need a fellowship in acute care surgery (because what gen surgeon can't handle a general surgical emergency coming through the ED?) but in the time of "must have a fellowship to be competitive for good job", and because i don't want to live in podunk town middle of nowhere, i'm considering it.  plus CC is a boarded specialty which you would automatically be eligible for in an ACS fellowship.  earlier you know how i said "surg onc"?  well, i was told i'm too realistic for that.  and after seeing some disaster patients, i think that's a valid thought.  i'm realistic, i like train wrecks, and i like big surgeries.  then there's still plastics.  alas!

COOKING: so i'm still learning korean cooking, and i highly recommend maangchi's website!  she is the best teacher and i've learned a lot.  sadly, i didn't enjoy the sesame seed porridge, and today i burnt the hell out of my kimchi pancake, but everything else is good...haha!  and i still have enough kimchi to last until the apocalypse so i've been bringing it to the unit and it's been stinking up the place.

INTERNS: got the list of the newbies!  i can't wait to meet them all.  i'm going to get the phone numbers tomorrow (since i'm the unofficial welcome committee, solo member, of my program) and give them all a call.  4 categoricals...2 boys and 2 girls which mean now females will be exactly 1/3 of the total in my program!  yes!  taking over the world, slowly but surely.

HEALTH: so i am training to do the swimming in a triathlon relay, and then the local YWCA is sponsoring a sprint triathlon in a few months, so i am going to see if i can run a 5k then i'll do that one too!

hope this does y'all good for a bit...

Sunday, February 03, 2013

post absite

so now that the horrible test is done...will have to wait a few weeks to get the results.  theoretically, ha, i was better prepared and all that fun stuff, but that test is still freaking hard!  ugh.  i hope i did better because i'll be the laughingstock of my class again.  ok, not that harsh but whatever.  at least i'm done with all the steps so they can't get TOO mad at me...

about to go to the farm store to look for clover seeds.  actually, H just wants to hang out there.  haha.  then it's the grocery store to get a few things so i can make KIMCHI!!!  times TWO DIFFERENT WAYS.  OMG.  we went to the closest h-mart yesterday and i got some crazy napa and some baby radishes.  i am super stoked.  super bowl?  what's that!  today is KIMCHI MAKING DAY!!!  and H will be making red beans and rice to pay homage to NOLA.  le sigh.  i miss the south.

tomorrow i start my ambulatory block.  which essentially means show up at the outpatient place and just do whatever i feel like doing.  wahoo!  then another block of trauma.  i will also be working on a research paper and doing a lot of house painting as well.  and resting.  i sure do need it.  and kimchi eating.  hee hee!

ok, i'm being called away.  seeya!

Friday, January 11, 2013


just playing with the ol' blog template.  figured it was time to do some updates.  let me know if it's horrible to read.

also, ABSITE.  jan 26.  that is all.  gotta do better this year.