Monday, December 17, 2012

it's cold outside

i'm currently on my 2 week "vacation" known as anesthesia...very minimal requirements.  five intubations.  i've done 4.  i think i'll make the mark...

last night on call i got really nauseated/sick/wanting to pass chief made me go to bed "just for an hour" after force feeding me juice and crackers, that was around 11pm and i woke up at 5am.  no pages!  no traumas!  but i still felt like crap and came home and slept for 3 more hours.  now i've been coffee'd and will be heading out shortly to rummage up some food.  and finish presents buying.  there's been some bugs going through my resident group and i think i had a touch of it last night.  probably was just hypoglycemic/GI distress/dehydrated, but it was funny how my chief was like ANY FOCAL TENDERNESS?  YOU THINK YOU HAVE AN APPY?  I CAN OPERATE ON YOU.  (fwiw, i would have let him and the attending on call operate on me, so it's fine.  i have my standards.)  and no, not pregnant.  (why is that ALWAYS the first thing people ask a female surgery resident who is ill?  alas.)  currently with a bit of a headache but at least i feel like i don't have to blow chunks from both ends anymore.

i'll be working over christmas, should be fun.  still debating going home for new year's, but with a 16 hour drive it's a little daunting.  plus there's absite and i've been cramming/studying for that too.  we'll see.

i enjoyed my trauma rotation.  i wish we operated more, but i enjoy the "thinking" on the critical care side of things.  also i've gotten pretty awesome at putting in chest tubes on AWAKE people.  wahoo!  also also i can do central lines by myself (before i would do it totally alone with an upper level lurking somewhere "just in case", but now i can just do them totally alone).

in house news we got a new chair for the living room.  the other room that we painted, well, the closet is only partially finished and we need to pick out carpet.  H has been making incredible headway on updating the electric outlets and killing evil vines in the backyard.  i have been...well...not doing much.  alas.

so just to throw it out there, these are the specialties i'm considering in no particular order: trauma/cc, plastics, vascular, and MIS.  i just wanted to document it somewhere to see how it changes as the years go on.  and yes, i'm very much aware at how NOT ALIKE they are all to each other.  i guess i'm complicated.

alright, i'm going to attempt to do normal people things now.  just have to finish up my christmas care package to my family at home, tomorrow i'll ship it out.  and eat lunch.  hope all y'all out in internet world are doing great.  happy holidays.