Sunday, November 11, 2012

step 3? check!

i got my score report back this week.  PASS for step 3!  so excited!

so i felt that i should have passed, but i know i didn't study for it like i wanted, but whatever.  i took the test, left feeling really crummy.  alas.  but i got my score report back and i had a respectable score!  so pumped!  a nice confidence boost going into my ABSITE studies...i know i need it.  glad those things are done with.  granted, i still have those yearly ABSITEs and boards and whatever, but at least i'm done with the steps.

i was on vacation this last week, and i wish i had a few more days.  it felt so nice to get house work done.  we painted a room, ripped out old carpet, updated kitchen cabinet pulls, swapped out washers, put in an updated kitchen room light...those were the main things.  still tons of work to do, but man it felt good to get some stuff done.  the house is really coming along.

tomorrow i start my trauma rotation.  blah!  so now i need to brush up on all the patients.  thank goodness for electronic medical records!

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Solitary Diner said...

Congrats on passing your exam! One more accomplishment closer to being finished.