Tuesday, October 30, 2012


so i took step 3 two weeks ago.  people say it takes a while to get your scores back.  i'm so nervous...i feel like i should have passed, but never say never, right?  at least work has been so busy that i haven't had too much time to sit around and be anxious for it.  also, got ABSITE coming up in january anyway, so i've been picking up the study pace.  got to be better than last year, that's for sure...

i'm on call tomorrow, second year in a row for halloween call.  boo!  and then i am on call again friday and then i'm OFF FOR A WHOLE WEEK.  oh yes.  i was supposed to NOT be on call friday, but then people quit programs and then the rest of the class has to pick up the slack.  (that's a long story, but unfortunately not mine to tell.)  it is what it is.  i don't mind call, i just don't like last minute changes when it comes to call i suppose.  at least my last call wasn't so bad...i got about 3 hours of sleep so i was downright HYPER when i got home yesterday!  i folded a ton of clothes and finally put things into my dresser cabinets.  (oh yeah, and we moved into this house in june!)

trauma starts in 1.5 weeks.  all my calls next block are trauma/icu calls.  i've only done 2 of them so far, and things have been ok.  you essentially just stay awake all night hyperventilating that nothing bad happens, vs. ED consult call, where you just sit around and wait for people to come in.  and when the weather is crappy outside, not too many people come in!

alright, i'm going to read about the pancreas and whipples...WAHOO.  seriously.  things are going well overall, just sleep deprived, but what else is new for surgery residents?

OH, and i made a kick ass turnip soup the other day.  take THAT!