Friday, September 07, 2012

chest tubes!

i remember as a med student wanting so badly to be the one to put in the chest tube, and now i can freaking drop them in easily.  well, at least on sedated patients!  on ventilators!  hahaha...well i did do one on an awake patient which didn't turn out too well, but i blame that partly on him and on myself.  but last night i did a chest tube on a sedated vented patient and it just went in like butter.  get the post procedure chest xray, and BAM!  beautiful tube!  no more pneumothorax!  and the tube just gently curves up just so nicely and then when the trauma attending says "nice tube" it's hard to not feel a little happy on the inside.  i finally got it in my head how "hard" i have to push to poke into the chest cavity with the kelly.  you got to be just aggressive enough, but not too aggressive at the same time.  so now i just got to do some on awake patients...

i got both my fem sticks last night...i was pretty stoked about that too.  it's the best feeling...palpate the femoral...go a little medial (but for me, i've learned that i tend to want to go too medial so stay a little more lateral than i think, and go at a steeper angle than i want)...put the needle in (big stick!)...hit the vein...aspirate and BAM!  dark blood!  yell out LAB!!!  they grab the tube from you and it's like YES i didn't screw it up that time!

this morning i presented at M&M (morbidity and mortality) conference.  my first presentation as a 2nd year. i think it went decently, i handled the questions pretty well.  granted, it could have been better, but 1) my case was kind of blah and 2) post call!  but i got the basic messages across and held my attending's point of view up.  all i can ask for.

then after i left for the morning my 3rd year friend (who was also on call) and i got some post call drinks and chatted about things like normal people do.  hahaha, i guess if normal people went out at 10:15 AM, but i guess we're really not that normal anyway.  we did some fun girl talk, some good pep talk, some shop talk (i.e. OMG THAT SPLEEN, etc), then got into some very intellectually stimulating conversation about how we like to tie knots depending on the suture or what we're trying to tie, etc.  surgeon nerd girls.  i love it.

so now i'm post bowel movement, post shower, and now lying in bed about to blissfully pass out.  you know you're a resident when all you want is enough time to properly go to the bathroom, a nice shower, and NO PAGERS!!!  and i have tomorrow off!!!  SO EXCITED!!!

so all i gotta say is 2nd year is nice so far.  and my tomatoes that i grew FROM SEED have finally started to ripen and they taste damn good.  and to all my blogger peeps, my perpetual apologies for my infrequent posting.  i should blog more...i love my field...everyone should do surgery!

and with that i'm going to peace out and sleep.  have a great day.


Laura said...

nice job with the ct. my intern (im a ms3) let me take one out the other day, which is probably not as fun as putting one in, but i was happy all the same. and i totally get the need for bowel time!

Red Stethoscope said...

Good job on the M&M presentation and glad you're getting some relax time! I will say that the residents at my hospital are also extremely happy, despite being overtired. I find it slightly alarming actually and mentioned to one of them that she is always just sunshiney and do you ppl do it?!