Thursday, August 02, 2012


so i'm trying out reading textbooks on the kindle.  my program gives a nice sized educational allowance, so i thought i'd start trying to kindle read in addition to regular books.  my program gets books online too, but i hate reading stuff on the computer after a while.  my eyeballs hurt.  plus when going on trips the standard books are freaking heavy!

today i practiced tying 6-0 i understand why my attending said to practice tying knots with your eyes closed!  you can't feel the suture!  i also want to buy a large needle driver so i can practice my palming.  have i mentioned that i like vascular?  (probably not, since i hardly ever update anymore!)

H and i have joined a CSA and omg i love getting the weekly veggie boxes!  today we are going to grill chicken, eggplant, squash, and i'm going to roast some purple potatoes.  yums!

so yes, life is going well.  i'm trying to read a hell of a lot more...trying to be a lot better on the ABSITE this next go around and be the badass resident i know i can!