Sunday, July 01, 2012

2nd year

so i've been a 2nd year for a week now.  i've been q2 call since 1 week ago.  i'm on call again tomorrow.  then i miraculously have fourth of july off.  then call again thursday.  then the calls lighten up.  also, i'm being pulled from my vascular rotation to do trauma while the new 2nd year prelim gets ATLS certified.  that person will be doing my vascular work instead.  oh the joys of residency.

i've enjoyed 2nd year!  i've done tons of cool cases, and since i'm at the hospital all the freaking time, i guess that's a nice reward.  and attendings have been letting me do more in the OR.  fun!

my new interns are a nice group...hopefully it will be a good year with all of them.


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Solitary Diner said...

Surgical residency is so brutal...glad it's you and not me! Hopefully the call won't be that bad all year long.