Sunday, April 08, 2012

le sigh

hey everyone.  i feel like i've been a bad blogger lately, i don't ever post anymore.  it's not that i'm having a lack of things to post, i just feel like i don't have the time.  i'd rather be sleeping or eating or attempting to read, ha.

life is good.  i'm logging tons of cases and learning a lot.  a lot of attendings have commented on my surgical skills and that makes me feel good.  i didn't do as well as i would have liked on ABSITE, so alas.  i've revamped my study techniques and  i'll just do better next year.  no harm done yet.

i was irritated earlier today because my attending took forever to come round at the hospital, but oh well.  he thought i was on call today, but that was 100% wrong.  so i caught up on all my pending paperwork, organized the list, and did a little bit of online shopping!  hee i guess i got screwed from a time perspective, but hopefully the dresses and the swimsuit i ordered fit me well!  the three hour work morning i envisioned ended up being a 6 hour morning, so irritating.  and then H made me lunch, i was able to finally take a shower (i have a habit of just going to work "as is" on the weekends, and then adding to that the fact i wear my scrubs 2-3 days in a row, i guess i'm a bit disgusting, but not as disgusting as a boy), and now i've caught up on my internet fun and have decided to blog!

the other day i was assisting on a perirectal abscess case, and we had finished doing the fistulotomy, and the patient then took that moment to have a bowel movement to end all bowel movements...of course we're all up in the butthole region, and then this geyser of poo comes exploding out.  my attending got the brunt of it on his chest and arms, so he descrubbed and rescrubbed in.  i, however, am significantly shorter, and somehow the poo went lateral and pegged me square in the face (and chest and arms).  luckily i was wearing a face shield but i had to spend the rest of the case staring at the shit stuck on my face shield hoping and praying it wasn't going to slide down and drip onto exposed skin and/or scrubs.  ha.  luckily, it stayed put, i had no actual skin/hair/clothes contact with the poo.  word got around so fast in the OR that i got sprayed...but the funniest part was the attending is a very professional sort of guy, someone that you can't just bust into laughing around, so i was trying to hold it together so hard.  i think i ended up muttering "so that was dramatic", but omg on the inside i wanted to break it down and hoot and holler!  and thank goodness for face shields.

so far i've logged 206 cases.  i'm such a case whore...i want to have the MOST!  wahoo!  i even enjoy being a glorified med learn so much about technique watching other people operate.

ok i think i'm going to nap now.  i needs it!