Tuesday, February 07, 2012

don't hate me!

ok, an update.  i find that it's getting harder to find time to blog, but i digress...

ABSITE was alright, i hope i got above 30th percentile...that's what my program uses as their cutoff for remediation, basically a "pass/fail" measure.  we'll see...scores should be back by the end of the month.  the past 2 weekends have thus been quite celebratory in nature, and i'm doing a self imposed liver detox now to make up for all my bad behavior, ha!

my hospital has this wellness campaign right now and we all got fitbits!  they're fancy pedometers, and they have that wii technology in them so they can tell if you're walking, running, jumping, going up stairs, etc.  i'm interested to see how much i can walk around.  tonight i'm on ED call, so we'll see!  the website lets you add your food eaten and all so you can do calorie counts, but i predict i'll be too lazy to input that stuff.  i'm more interested in the mileage, etc.

so as to my goal of reading all of greenfield's...1 chapter down!  hahaha!

i presented my first M&M last week.  gallstone pancreatitis...patient had a lap chole but then ended up with a retained stone about 3 months postop.  i was so nervous before the talk!  we had just switched to a different presentation style, 5 slides, 1 article.  i said my piece, presented my article, and then BAM, all the various attendings in the hall started talking about their views and experiences and blah blah blah...basically, my presentation and article had inspired a lot of talk and that is viewed as EXCELLENT JOB.  even some of my fellow residents chimed in!  yes!  also, i'm so happy that there was a podium i could hide behind...my hands were shaking really bad.  but now that i'm done with my first one, and know the routine, the next ones shouldn't be bad at all.  and then some of my upper levels told me i did a good job afterwards...now THAT makes me happy.  and then throughout the day some attendings STILL kept telling me their tidbits.  it was like i had entered into some "secret club" or something.  like i was telling H, that day was a great "professional" day for me...and we celebrated by eating some fabulous italian food.  yums.

so now my total cases is about 150.  i almost have a 100 majors woo woo!

ok, i will try to update more often.  i really do appreciate ya'll that stop by and check on the ol' blog.  it's hard to believe sometimes that i've had this thing since 2006!


OleMissBabyDoc said...

Thanks dear! I'm on ACS right now, start vascular next week... but it was a vascular complication (portal vein injury) ;). Patient's doing well, I got a weekend off.... I live to see another call day!

You hang in there too... almost a second year!

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