Sunday, December 04, 2011

time for an update...

i suppose it has been a while...i've been loving plastics!  i got to do my first skin graft the other day...actually, got to harvest a full thickness skin graft on one patient, and then got to harvest a split thickness graft with the dermatome.  fun times!  i also got to close up an open appy the other night on call, first time suturing peritoneum, woo hoo!

now my total major cases number is 53!  yay!  and i have all my plastics numbers now, and i'm nearly finished with my breast/skin/soft tissue numbers too.  i've been getting some good feedback from attendings, and that makes me feel like i'm improving.  at least i can suture alright and whatnot, ha.

i have two med students with me on plastics and they are great.  let me tell you...having good med students that are INDEPENDENT or at least can think on their own and are not so needy, they are worth their weight in gold!  obviously people have to start somewhere, but it's awesome to see these students who don't really know how to suture or tie knots, etc, and then you take them through closing a wound and they do great.

i've been working on knitting a scarf, hopefully i'll be done soon enough because it is cold as $@^% up here!  and it's not even REAL WINTER YET.  boo!!!  H and i bought tickets for christmas to go that will be nice.  get some good southern cooking!

oh and we've had several interview groups come through, and omg it is such a big deal to me!  i wish i could personally interview everyone...because now that i'm on the other side of the fence...i want someone that i can trust to not screw up with my patients.  i want a new intern class that will show up to call ON TIME.  i want an intern who knows when he/she is over their head and needs help, versus "i'll try to fix this on my own".  i want someone who is a team player and someone who i can say "hey let's go grab some food and a beer and hang out" or whatever.  and then the match is so random anyway.  alas!  but i have met a few people that i get good vibes from...i've only been able to go to one interview dinner because of call duties, but those are SO IMPORTANT!  so please go if you're interviewing!!!  you get the residents' undivided attention and can get all the scoop on a program!

so yes, i'm surviving, life is good.  i'm freaking out about ABSITE, but i've got some study group action going on...and let me tell you...studying infectious disease for surgical patients while drinking some good pinot noir is the way to do it!

and with that, i should study/nap/blah because i'm on call tonight.  and with my luck the past few calls, i'll be slammed.  fun times!

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