Saturday, November 12, 2011

post vacation!

so i have gone forth and vacationed!  and it was lovely!

H and i went down to florida and had a wonderful time in the SUN and being OUTSIDE and only needing to wear FLIP FLOPS and TANK TOPS.  so nice!  then we came back home and were assaulted by the cold.  alas!

i start plastics on monday, yay!

i have an ABSITE study group that i'm working with...we're meeting early afternoon so i need to finish cramming reading for it.

so on vacation we ate some fabulous food...cuban food, venezuelan food, korean food, trendy sushi bar food!  i shopped at the 2 pairs of shoes, 2 wool sweaters, 2 dresses, 2 pants...a pair of jeans and some pj pants.  so yeah, i shopped a lot, but considering that i haven't shopped for myself (other than the procurement of long underwears and wool socks!) in a while, i feel ok with that.  plus it was all on major sale woo woo!  the rate i'm going with residency, i won't shop again until next year, ha.

i finally updated my to the new software and i do suppose it's faster...

this week we have a group of interviewees coming through and i'm so excited!  i did a tour for our first group before the vacation and it was so much fun...and i appreciated that 2 of them sent thank you emails.  so internet world of interviewing med students...just know that THIS resident appreciates the emails.  and yes, i emailed them back too.  so this week we can go to the night before dinner and it's at this fancy place that is delicious, so excited about that too.  i'm looking forward to meeting more people...i want to make sure we get good folks for sure.

ok, enough with the blogging, i need to study!  and hopefully posting will be more regular now that i'm starting back on last rotation was ROUGH to say the least.  if there are any questions people want answered, just holla, i'll do my best!

chao chao!

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