Tuesday, October 18, 2011

central line

today i put in a central line...left subclavian, first stick, WAHOO! and no dropped lung!

there are some days where i have to take everything one step at a time and look at the overall positive/negative balance...today a lot of shit went down, but a lot of good things happened too. so i would say even though today was a bit bipolar feeling for me, overall it was good. at least i can reflect on the day's events and be proud of my actions, or learn from my mistakes, or know that i did the best that i could in the given situations. like i tell my students, "you want to be able to sleep at night". grace under fire. and thank goodness i have H to keep me grounded.

i started a new service on monday. a lot of foregut surgery (gastric bypass, etc) and surg onc. assisted on my first thyroidectomy today. fun times.

and now i should sleep...


drbculp said...

Yay for no pneumo on your first line! Thyroids are a blast too. I should be sleeping, but instead I've postponed reading for conference until 9:30pm. Have a good week!

medaholic said...

stumbled across your blog, congrats on your first stick subclavian! haha, i remember the feeling of doing something right for a change

best of luck in your gen surg residency!