Sunday, October 30, 2011

one more week until vacation!

yay! exciting!

also, now i've taken two gallbladders off of the liver bed, woo woo! and it's a lot harder than it looks. so shame on me for all those instances of OMG WHY ARE THEY TAKING FOREVER IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT APPEARING...well, i have been put in my place.

yesterday i experienced driving through crazy snow for the first time, and let me tell you, HARD. surprisingly, no traumas at all!

i didn't think i would be looking forward to vacation this parents are coming up to visit so we'll have about 48 hours of togetherness before H and i go down to FLORIDA! yay!!! then a whole week of fun! and SLEEPING! omg!!!

also, i have now started to freak out about the ABSITE...that's our annual exam that we take on jan 31. these tests...they are never ending it seems.

so now i have 40 major cases, i am quite excited about that. i do plastics again after i come back from vacation, so i'm hoping to at least be over 50 by the end of the calendar year. my program coordinator says i should have at least 100 cases by the end of intern year, which it seems will be a small number compared to what the upper levels got when they were interns...basically the 16 hour work restrictions have really decreased the cases we get. in my residency you operate like crazy from the get go. but peeking ahead in my schedule i have 2 months of rotation with outgoing chiefs so hopefully they will have gotten "senioritis" and let me do everything!

hope the internet world is treating everyone well...holla!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

central line

today i put in a central line...left subclavian, first stick, WAHOO! and no dropped lung!

there are some days where i have to take everything one step at a time and look at the overall positive/negative a lot of shit went down, but a lot of good things happened too. so i would say even though today was a bit bipolar feeling for me, overall it was good. at least i can reflect on the day's events and be proud of my actions, or learn from my mistakes, or know that i did the best that i could in the given situations. like i tell my students, "you want to be able to sleep at night". grace under fire. and thank goodness i have H to keep me grounded.

i started a new service on monday. a lot of foregut surgery (gastric bypass, etc) and surg onc. assisted on my first thyroidectomy today. fun times.

and now i should sleep...

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

short notes...

just wanted to document that today i did my first ever laparoscopic dissection of the cystic artery and duct on a gallbladder! and put the clips on and cut and everything! yay! and i got to sew some fascia (on another case), and on yet another case i got to sew on some colostomy. fun times!

in other news i'm still quite sleep deprived, but it's all good. i love my job! even when people piss me off! and i'm tired! and it smells like poop! hahaha...!

hope all is well in internet land...i should do a good post soon. until then, i need to cram for this friday's educational session...