Monday, September 05, 2011

on general surgery

i promise i'm alive, just busy. i'm on gen surg now, and i've gotten to first assist two lap cholecystectomies! not as much operating as when i was on plastics, but also my call schedule has been irritating...between pre-call and post-call i miss a lot of OR time. alas.

it rains a lot where i'm at...i swear! dreary labor day, but at least i'm not at the hospital! i went in this morning to round, but my awesome attending had already started and expressed surprise that i was there so early. (she had to come in to do an ex-lap and was like, why don't i start rounding because i got to get it over with anyway. nice.) so i got out a lot earlier than i thought. tomorrow's going to suck though, blah.

trying to decide what to make for dinner...the other day H and i ate the one bell pepper my plant grew! and it was damn delicious! today i got a 6-pack of baby cabbage plants so i'm going to try my hand at growing cabbages in individual pots, ha! i have plenty of serrano peppers growing, just need to remember to use them. but the cabbage...super excited about that! i hope they turn out. i saw a fig tree and i wanted one SO BAD but H said i couldn't get it...ha.

so this week is going to be fun. i get to do ED call tomorrow night! that means i answer all the consults in the ED versus hold down the floor. which will be a nice change. hopefully it doesn't suck too bad. (you just have to do a lot of calling attendings.) then we have a fancy dinner thursday night for a lecture series on friday morning. then i have my "24 hour period off" starting after rounding on saturday! call sunday night, blah, but what can you do?

ok, i need food now, so off to the store! just wanted to drop an update.

OH, also, the other day i did a rectal exam on a patient who we had been consulted on for a small bowel obstruction but was having diarrhea. and when i looked at the butt there was a whole baby carrot down there! a good three inches or so of carrot! like, it had gone all the way through the GI tract and out the other end with a small bit of nibbling...! and no, i don't think the person stuck it their based on their large habitus...i just imagine that would have been hard to do. so i don't think they were as obstructed as the primary team thought...ha! enjoy your carrots today!

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Just an Intern said...

You will be amazed the things you find in people's rectums.
Glad you're having a good rotation.