Wednesday, September 21, 2011

chugging along

still doing alright. today i am "pre call", so i went in to round and start the orders of the day. now i am at home doing reading. go in later today for call. i do ED call today, meaning i take the consults coming from the emergency folks. last time it was pretty fun, so i'm hoping it's ok tonight.

i feel like i'm getting the hang of things better. not as scared to order a full workup for whatever reason. trying to work on being more assertive, learning how to relay information more succinctly. getting my med students to do good work, trying to not do too much hand holding.

i have this reputation now amongst my co-interns as being the REGULATOR (hahaha!) when it comes to the students. all i have to say is that when i was a student (don't i sound like an old timer?) i was busted on by residents, and i'm not trying to perpetuate any bad cycles, but goodness, you are in SCHOOL and need to LEARN. is that too much to ask for? i saw a student stand by idly while a nurse was telling a co-resident "i can't get in touch with resident ___, but their patient is having acute onset of chest pain". the student pipes up "oh yeah, that's my patient, and they told me they were having chest pain". i asked the student "have you told your resident about this?" "oh no, not yet, i was just waiting for when we rounded later". "WHY HAVEN'T YOU TOLD YOUR RESIDENT THAT THIS PERSON IS HAVING CHEST PAIN THEY COULD BE HAVING A HEART ATTACK!" "oh, i guess i'll call them now..." no worries, the patient was taken care of, but do you catch my drift? i remember what it was like as a new M3, but you have to learn how to think independently after a while...or at least know to call up the chain!

so that is that...i'm going to do some reading and go on about my business. just know that even though i'm working hard, i still love my job! and i enjoy my med students too, hahaha...just have to whip them into proper shape!

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Red Stethoscope said...

You go ahead and REGULATE, frylime! That is your job--to make sure that they learn things and don't kill people. I'm glad that you still have a positive outlook; gives me hope that I won't (entirely) hate my life in residency. :)