Sunday, August 21, 2011

end of plastics, round 1

so i am done with my plastics rotation, for now. tomorrow i start an 8 week stint on a general surgery service. fun fun. and i'm on call tonight, fun.

i've had a great weekend with H and co-intern J. fun times. good food, good wine and beer, couldn't ask for more. looked at a house (because buying would be good in the future), but then realized that we're not quite sure at what we want. haha. alas! can't buy until later anyway, silly 1 year lease!

so we're getting ready to go somewhere to coffee-fy ourselves and study. i need to do a good bit of reading (because it's good for you!) and then eat a nice meal and take a nap. i always try to nap a tiny bit before an evening call shift, but i know i won't have that luxury next year. and i need to call my intern that was on service before me so i know what's up.

hope everyone's having a great day!

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