Sunday, July 03, 2011

first real day

just a quick post to document the following:

first order written: urinalysis with culture.

first script written: clotrimazole cream, apply to va-jay-jay twice daily.


i thought my first script would be something PROFOUND, and i don't even know what a profound medicine would be, but not yeast infection crap. alas. such is the life of the intern.

so now i don't have to be back in the hospital until 6pm tomorrow for call. however, i'm in my call room (on my own time, not reporting this for duty hours durrrrrr) because i still have no internet at home. and i still have to do shit online. and i'm tired of having to pay money to use wifi at a restaurant. and i don't want to squat at someone's house to internet (even though my lovely co-residents have offered, i just hate being a burden). so i'm here. and i will stay here until i am starving and then go home to eat.

also, i swapped down a size in scrubs so things would fit better, but apparently i have a big ass. but the scrubs fit beautifully everywhere else. so now i have to decide...keep the "fits everywhere nicely but the ass" scrubs, or switch back to the "swimming inside giganto scrubs". at least with the smaller pair i never have to worry about the scrubs falling down after getting accidentally untied, but then it sucks to realize the reason they won't fall down is because the ass singlehandedly is keeping them up. joy.

work time! then eating time, then nap time? reading time? blah!


Ewok said...

welcome to my world! (big ass not working in proper fitting scrubs)

Solitary Diner said...

Welcome to residency. There are many more non-profound prescriptions ahead.