Monday, July 18, 2011

all in a day

you know what sucks? telling people they have cancer. actually, telling people they *might* have cancer also sucks. alas. someone has to do it and someone has to try to fix it.

also, i have seen so many boobs lately, it's killing me! breast surgery is definitely not in my future. obviously it's something i need to learn and i want to learn so i can treat my patients and help them overcome their illnesses, but to say "i want to do a fellowship in breast and devote my whole life to being a breast surgeon!", NO WAY. at least for now. ask me again in a couple of years. but the past few weeks i have seen perky boobs and saggy boobs, old boobs young boobs, wrinkly boobs, rotting out looking boobs, funky implant boobs...just too many boobs! and i'm just on a general surgery service! too many boobs!

anyone out there love jamaica tea as much as i do? i just can't get enough! (hibiscus for all you english-only folks.)

i'm going to go bed early was a long day. rounding, clinic, anxiety, blah! but early is relative...probably that means around 10:30pm...up at 4:15am ugh. and i need to read on parathyroid and thyroid glands. joyful!


Solitary Diner said...

Your definition of early sounds brutal. I'm aiming for bed by 10:30 as well...but with a wake up time of 6:30. One of the advantages of being in internal medicine!

Just an Intern said...

Yes. For real, telling people they have cancer is totally awful. Even more awful is placing a chest tube and watching frank blood come out.

Also I haven't been seeing as many boobs as you but have definitely been seeing lots of vag. Vag itch. Vag d/c. Yeast infections.

And, yeah, I do love jamaica tea. :)
Good luck with the thyroid.

Zac said...

Y'know Fry... I think you me and Dragonfly have graduated from "med school" links to "doctor blog" links. Makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Zac said...

Correction: residents. At least one more year for me.

frylime said...

updated! thanks for the reminder...i can't tell left from right sometimes these days!