Saturday, June 11, 2011

trying to get settled

so i'm in my new place. it's going to be nice...i say "going to be" because all my crap is everywhere, i am having to clean like crazy (the former tenant had a cat and a dog and apparently their powers combined allow hair to go EVERYWHERE. i mean, cat hair in the FREEZER. FREEZER! how the hell does hair of animal get into the damn freezer?) and i haven't been able to unpack everything yet. insert other aggravating things that will be resolved on monday, alas. in the end though, it's a beautiful place and i'm going to enjoy living there. *crosses fingers*

today i checked out the local ymca, and now i'm at a starbucks to access the interwebz. (internet still needs to be hooked up at la casa.) i've already gotten a shopper's card for the local grocery store and made 2 trips to lowe's in the same day. i hope to have my kitchen in order tonight so that tomorrow i can make something a bit more fancy than "variation on fried rice" or "fried egg" or "cereal".

also, i learned that driving through dc/baltimore during any time of the day is inherently stupid. i had decided to split up the 16-ish hour drive from my beloved home state into 2 parts. so i visited my lovely friend K in her new state to visit her new house and other things. when it was time to leave, i just punched in my new address in the trusty gps and set off, not looking to see the exact route. apparently, that was the mistake. instead of going up the trusty i-81 and going to the KOREAN RESTAURANT, i proceeded the way of death and destruction and sat on the interstate going 2 miles in literally ONE HOUR. how the hell do people live there? i guess you just live in the city and take public transit, because how do you live when your whole day is spent just sitting in a car in the 100 degree weather on the interstate with NO ESCAPE. alas.

i am happy because H has booked his tickets to come visit me at the end of this month! yay! and K and Z are coming next weekend (OR ELSE) to visit! and then some other people are to visit at the end of july, but that's a long way from now. i guess i won't be crawling out of my skin when i start working and have things unpacked, but ugh, i am getting annoyed/discouraged/irritated by all the cleaning i am having to do just to feel comfortable putting my things away. damn animal hair!

also, apparently, i am undergoing a bit of culture shock. everything is so much closer together than it is down south. people talk weird, but i'm sure i talk weird to them. the grocery store is weird, but i think i will learn to love it...they have a robust hispanic section with all the juices that i love! yay guava! i am communicating with all my friends that are scattered about the nation now, but i just feel so lonely too. it seems that nobody else going to my hospital has made it into town yet (at least the ones i've met on so there really isn't any opportunity to meet people yet. i think i'm going to join the y here, so maybe some potential there, but probably not. i don't want to be THAT GIRL that walks up to strangers on the treadmill and chats them up. and i don't want people to think i'm hitting on them, because when i spent a summer in upstate new york apparently saying "hello" to strangers means you are flirting with them, when that is completely and utterly NORMAL in the motherland. i know it's normal to feel a bit of culture shock when going anywhere, but why is it that i am feeling more of it now while still in the good ol' USA, where when i'm traveling to peru or bolivia or whatever i don't really experience it at all? that's the zillion dollar question, readers.

alright, i guess i will stop being a bum and do a section on IV fluids. blah. i am starting to hate on some sodium and potassium and must everyone always get D5 1/2 NS + 20KCl? just kidding, just trying to inject some FUN into this post!

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tinyletters said...

Keep updating.... I'm planning on living the sassy out of state fun residency experience through yall and I want to keep up with everybody. I'm going to start a new blog (more just my life...less medicine based although it will be in there because that's all I do). I'll let ya know the new address when I get it up.
P.S. It's hot at H*ll down here