Wednesday, June 01, 2011

epic update time!

i am FINALLY an MD!!! five years, lots of headache, some wonderful times, cussing like a sailor, etc etc etc...

it feels good. it really does. strangely, i don't feel THAT different after prancing around in my graduation robes and receiving my diploma, but ask me again in a month. i'm sure i'll feel quite different then!

i hope to start updating more regularly. let me just tell you about my last week...i'm still not quite recovered!

wed: picked up my rental truck. loaded some stuff, H and i drive to my parents' house 45 min away. unload truck, repack truck (yay for swapping furniture!), drive to granddad's house 30 min away from parents house (and 25 min from mine). unload truck. dad is quite happy he was able to use my truck for "free", even if we were unloading ALL NIGHT LONG. ugh!

thurs: load up truck with my things. frantically. white coat ceremony that night. it was nice! i got my long white coat! with my name on it! and it says SURGERY because i'm going to be a SURGEON. yay!!!

fri: GRADUATION!!! it was so wonderful to see everyone walk! (and i must say, my school does stuff fast. they graduated 650-some odd students in less than 2 hours.) ate lunch, hopped in the truck, and H and i sped off to the great northeast.

sat: arrived to new apartment around 10pm. took 1 1/2 days of intensive driving through mountains, and i must say moving trucks don't like going up mountains! my dad, brother, and H started unloading the truck and i started cleaning like a madwoman. didn't go to bed till around 3am or so...

sun: finished up some things, replaced door locks, toured the new town for my family. no point in staying longer than we had to, so we hit the road at 3pm to come back south.

mon: arrive at my "old" apartment at 7:30am. driving all night long is tiring! commenced cleaning my old apartment.

tues: old apartment cleaned and i'm 100% outta there!

TODAY: catching up on all my interwebbing and about to get some lunch!

so there you first post as a real bona fide MD!!!


seattle wonk said...

Congratulations!! I sincerely hope you will continue your blogging about your residency- I can't wait to read about it!

frylime said...

thanks for the comment! i'll certainly try to be consistently posting during residency...