Monday, June 27, 2011

alive, i promise

i don't have internets at my apartment yet. therefore, lack of posts. also therefore, extreme frustration at the inability to do ANYTHING online. and all my curriculum is online. boo!

co-interns are cool. it's really easy to pick out everyone in their specialties...the emergency folks are like hyper little puppies, the medicine folks talk all nerdy, and us surgeons are the grumpy ones in the back row trying not to fall asleep...ha!

doing ACLS right now. have to do a critical care medicine course at the end of the week, which means i will be doing a lot of reading this week. i took a nap after i got home from work today because i had been up since the buttcrack of dawn driving to the airport and back, but it was worth it for H! i'm going to have to train my family to stop phone bombing me's hard to take naps that way.

i found out my call schedule for this month...first day on call is fourth of july. how patriotic. hopefully i don't screw up too badly.

more updates as i get more interwebs...landlord says "maybe this week". boo.

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Solitary Diner said...

Medicine folks nerdy? I'm shocked!