Wednesday, May 04, 2011

omg so glad i didn't go into peds

this rotation is quite nice...

one thing that weird me out about pediatricians is one minute we're discussing "mr. ___ is a 2 year old boy with blah blah blah", the next minute we walk into the patient's room and all of a sudden "HEWWOW THERE WIDDLE BOY! AWENT YOU SO CUUUUUUTE!" and so on and so forth. this type of behavior is exhibited by both the male and female pediatricians, and it freaks me out.

also, chicken pox is a reportable disease now? apparently i am old.

operation PACK UP DA HOUSE is not doing so well. H has just informed me that my packing methodology is incorrect, alas. (he means well, haha!) so now i have to regroup. but at least i can drink a yuengling at the same time...

my graduation announcements FINALLY came in the mail today...and then i realized i has no stamps. so tonight i will go to the stamp place and try to get the most bizarre stamps possible for to stamp my announcements. (i remember once i got bat stamps, and they were so cool!)

also last night i went to a friend's super awesome apartment and he made HOT POT for us! (apparently a taiwanese thing.) you boil water in a pot and drop different vegetables and meats in it in various "rounds", and then at the end you throw in bean noodles and it is so good! so you eat a round of veggies, and then you "rest" while the meats are cooking and then you just eat and eat and eat and it's just delicious. i am so inspired, i will have to do the same once i'm settled in new place.

ok, so i will go and pack a box, go to post office, and eat mexican yumminess!


Red Stethoscope said...

There's a hot pot restaurant here that I tried for the first time last fall! I didn't know there was an order of operations, though (fail). My date and I just kind of alternating cooking meats, veggies, and noodles, as we desired them. It was delicious nonetheless.

I fully support your quest for interesting stamps for the graduation announcements! And, good luck with all the packing up. Moving = royal pain.

Elle said...

Congratulations on your graduation! Quite an accomplishment - and you told your story well here. Thanks for letting me listen in. All the best to you through internship and beyond (buzz lightyear).