Monday, April 04, 2011

why does moving involve packing?

so far H and i have cleaned off my porch/balcony thingie of all my dead plants and plastic pots. yay! my next task is to clean off everything that will be going back to my parents' house. (we're doing a furniture swap.) i have boxes, i have a deadline, so i have to do it, right?

also, H and i got iPhones! my "splurge" for a long time. i upgraded from a fabulous ghetto flip phone, and now it's like i have the whole world at my fingertips. and then there was the drama with porting my existing number. i was so scared it wasn't going to happen, and then i never got the "text" that i was supposed to get, aak. in the end it was ok, and H gave me a couple of eye-rolls...ha. i guess i was being overly dramatic. now i just need to get a case, and maybe that will be my incentive to pack this morning.

one more month of school! and it's not even until may! and i'm going to be a surgeon!

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