Monday, April 18, 2011

new apartment!

so H and i just got back from a week trip to the NE to look for a living space. after many dead ends and "omg no ways" and general suck-i-tude, we found the PERFECT place! tile floors, huge kitchen, SKYLIGHTS, and outdoor patio, OMG! it's a place that i'm going to be happy to come home to. and cook in. and read in. and lounge in. and the best part about it...we found it through one of the rising chief's (in gen surg)...his girlfriend is in the real estate field and she knew a guy who was wanting to rent his place out to good young professional types, voila! so advertising solely through word-of-mouth. much better than other ways...that way people don't know much about it in general. and the place is really new too.

something i noticed about "up north" is that restaurants have more vegetarian selections than down here. not that i'm vegetarian, but what if i don't want meat? then i want some delicious options that don't have meat! i had the best portabella mushroom sandwich...2 grilled caps, smothered in cheese, lettuce tomato and onion, was so good.

some of our friends just had a baby, and she is so precious. 1/4 filipino, 3/4 "white"...i joked that if i had a baby, that's what she'd look like. the baby is SO asian looking! i guess asian genes really dominate, but that's ok. congrats to the new parents!

but speaking of asian genes, H and i stopped at this awesome diner in virginia on our drive back south. it's on i-81, exit 180A...fancy hill korean diner! omg the BEST. and in the middle of nowhere, ha. i got the squid bulgogi, and H got the pork bulgogi, and we shared mandu dumplings. omg, so so so so so good. i think i will eat there every time i have to drive through. and the owner was asking me about my heritage (so asian), and i replied "half korean!" and he said that i looked "90% korean". hee hee! what a compliment! next time i will have to get the bibimbap, but i am such a sucker for squid, i may not be able to try anything else! (and they have "american" dishes too, so something for everyone.)

also, we stopped by the hospital and said hello to my new program director...i think i'm going to get along great with him. he gave me a copy of a book that goes along with their new curriculum, that was quite nice of him.

so now i should ramp up the packing...alas!


Red Stethoscope said...

Woo! Congrats on the new apt! It sounds wonderful! Natural Bridge is a good 2 hour drive from me, but my sister is going to be driving in to visit me next month from Asheville, NC. I'll recommend it to her. She is also a huge fan of Korean food!

chasingzebras said...

Yay!!! So glad you have a nice apartment and program director awaiting you :) But I'm a little disappointed - I mean - you didn't even order any yaki mandu? What the hell? Y'all!