Thursday, April 07, 2011

moving sucks

so i hate sorting. i am a closet hoarder, apparently. i do not throw anything away, EVER. well, until now! hahaha...

today my goal is to get some damage done to some of the furniture that i'm swapping with my parents. if i'm feeling especially adventurous, i'll start packing up some clothes. i also have a bridal shower to go to today, and i'm hoping that involves traditional deep south shower fare. another goal of today is to NOT EAT A FRIED EGG. omg...i am so obsessed. maybe i'll do tofu instead.

i am adjusting well to my iphone. i can't believe i waited so long to get on the smartphone bandwagon.

i'm on chapter 3 of greenfield. nutrition. i would love to finish the whole book before i start residency, but it's kind of huge.

next week H and i are planning on driving up to residency land to scope out living situations. looking at apartments for now. excited to visit other big cities along the way too.

i've also been playing around with mint's budget webpage, just trying to feel it out. jury's still out if i'll actually keep using it, but i need to come up with SOMETHING to manage all my accounts! i have three separate loan servicers! at least everything is online so i can manage it wherever i am. but my question is what the heck should i do about repayment plans? i've been doing my research, but it seems everything out there is in "fancy speak", which means i don't quite understand it all. and i want to be financially responsible and do all the right things and live within a reasonable budget. i don't want to starve myself of any luxuries, but at the same time, i want to be responsible. i'll gladly not shop for too many clothes, etc, but if i want to eat sushi, i want to eat it. good thing i'm going to be a surgeon...i'll just wear scrubs every day anyway! and the hospital i'm going to lets its residents eat all meals in house for FREE, so i would imagine my grocery budget will be a bit smaller than here...but what's probably going to happen is that my inner-foodie will EXPLODE and i'll just get all kinds of crazy things because i'll have "more money" to spend...ha. i think my priorities will be 1) paying off loans, 2) eating, 3) exercise/health, and 4) saving for awesome vacations.

ok, enough procrastinating...packing time!

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Red Stethoscope said...

When you figure out your loan repayment situation, can you let the rest of us know? I also have three different providers and I used to be engaged to a BANKER who understood the fancy speak. Now, I just keep the (unending!) loan statements that come in a basket and hope for the best. (I know, awesome plan I have going on.) I'm a big fan of your hospital feeding you, by the way. If they're going to work you like a slave, you might as well be fed while on the job! :)

Good luck with the packing/moving. It's a necessary evil.