Sunday, February 06, 2011

sunday morning

i tried to put down the knitting, i really did. but now i'm working on a set of hats for a friend who is expecting twins. haha...i can't help myself.

i finalized my rank list and it is doth certified (and green!). i've been getting some wonderful email interactions between some programs that i really liked, and yes, it's great to get positive feedback. but my paranoid self wonders how many OTHER people they are sending these things to, and if i should be more decisive in my emails, etc. i'm trying to avoid saying "you're my number one!" because i think it's cheesy, so i'm saying things like "thrilled, happy, etc", but alas. but i'll do it if i have to, ha!

this next week is going to be HUGE. we're meeting up with some friends we haven't seen in a while, then going to a "social" with my surgery department, and all the while i have to pack to go to PERU!!! oh, and super bowl party today of course. i will be making a king cake because that is how i roll. obviously, i will not be posting while i am out of the country, since we will be internet-less on a boat floating on a river in the middle of nowhere! i can't wait!

last night i made some kick ass mac and cheese. i threw in some sauteed onion, garlic, and mushroom with my lovely blend of mozzarella, monterey, and cheddar cheeses. and we ate it with watermelon radish and arugula salad. i'm glad i only make mac and cheese rarely, because it was so damn good we ate so much. definitely gymming today.

with all that talk about food i'm officially hungry for breakfast. maybe i'll do some fried eggs? biscuits? go elsewhere? alas!

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Red Stethoscope said...

Woo! Congrats on having your match list done...can't wait to hear how things turn out!

Thanks for the comment and kind words on my blog. You are completely right that pretending that things are fine when they are not only leads to bad things. See "failed engagement leading to MS1-The Dejavu Version" for illustration of that! :) Anyway, hopefully things will even out soon with the stubborn mother situation...I just needed to vent some steam to the universe about it!