Friday, January 21, 2011


what have i done so far today?
  • 7:18 - woke up.
  • 7:30 - made coffee...mmm!
  • 7:45 - fried an egg, made some toast, topped with strawberry fig preserves and VOILA! breakfast!
  • 7:50 to now - reading my interwebs. news, blogs, other miscellaneous items.
that's pretty much been my schedule for the past few mornings, usually breakfasting with granola or cereal. sometime before lunch i usually take it over to the couch and watch some combination of bravo tv, mtv, food network, or entertainment today. i have decided that i prefer housewives of beverly hills, though the atlanta ladies provide some lovely drama too. watching animal planet was too depressing...maybe that had something to do with an animal hoarding marathon, but ick. no more for me! and i love that new mtv show where they have the teenagers lose like 100 pounds in 100 days or something like that. and during all this tv time, i'm KNITTING! last night i finished knitting a ghetto sock...ha. it's not too shabby looking. i'm currently working on the second sock. then after that, i actually do not have a project in mind...suggestions?

so then i proceed on to lunch, which i either eat in or eat out...mostly eat in. today i will...i have some leftover bbq pork calling my name! i also FINALLY procured a watermelon radish and they are so fun and delicious. i hope where i end up for residency has a lovely farmer's market nearby...i would love to participate in a CSA or something similar.

the afternoons can be solitary, an extension of what i do in the morning. most of the time, though, i go and exercise, or go shopping with friends (as i did yesterday), hang out at the bookstore, etc. this week i've only been pathetic once, meaning i only left my apartment ONCE in a day and that was to go exercise...ha. i also do chores like cleaning up my kitchen, etc etc. i have plenty of books i should be reading, but i guess i've been lazy...ha.

evenings are whatever happens...dinner, running errands with H, etc.

i'm trying my best to appreciate my boredom, since supposedly THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME EVER AGAIN, but sheesh, it's tiresome! so today i think i will shake things up...i'll go gym in the morning, rather than the afternoon. i'll come back in time to make something for lunch and eat it. yay for plans! then maybe i can meet up with people in the afternoon for some play time.

thanks for sticking with me, o faithful readers, all <5 of you...ha. (honestly, i have no idea how many people read this silly thing.) next month will be i'll be prepping and going to PERU! then house med in march, boo. so i'll have more medically relevant stories soonish. if anyone has any specific questions they want to ask or topics i should write about, just holla in the comments. i was thinking about doing an informative post on the match and whatnot, but i can do whatever.

chao people!


Justin W said...

hello E, i believe you wanted to join a csa? Visit >> << and input your zip code and the nearest CSAs should populate.

Hope you are doing well

Cheers from J =)

Red Stethoscope said...

You should make a beanie hat next! Then, you can put up pictures and taunt us with your superiority of knitting. :)

Also, CSAs are awesome! Hope you find one in your new area.