Sunday, January 16, 2011

first post of new year! ta-da!

hello all...not much to update i suppose, because in the land of frylime i am still acting like a college kid sleeping in till 7:30-8:00 (gasp!) and watching a ton of tv. i've also been doing a lot of other things, like getting back into a regular workout routine, knitting, cooking, etc. i'm currently trying to work through a baby knitting book for beginners (NOT BECAUSE I HAVE BABY FEVER), and the baby crap is nice because it's small, doesn't take forever, and i can learn new technique without having to make a ginormously huge adult sweater or what have you. and if it looks hideous, well, i don't feel so bad. and if it looks nice, i can give it away to one of the zillion fertile and pregnant peoples i know. plus it keeps my hands busy. my next project after i finish the sweater is to make H a proper hat for cold outdoor activities, and then maybe i can learn how to make socks? who knows...

i also have my medical spanish book that i need to start reading from. i also have greenfield's surgery text that i have a goal of reading through before residency starts. i also want to bake tons of bread for the VIPs i've had to interact with lately.

my goals today include checking out the new asian supermarket in town...i'm so excited. after my last interview that was close to [insert large city here], i hung out in a supermarket designated solely for KOREAN PEOPLE. omg!!! it was AWESOME! i got korean pastries that were filled with red bean yumminess, roasted corn tea, and some kimbap to go. this one, i think, is more for chinese/taiwanese people, but whatever. i am still excited to go check it out. and they have a restaurant that is supposedly quite authentic. i hope they have some squid!

so yesterday the NRMP opened up the rank list website...and no, i haven't put in my rank list yet. i still have one more interview. i was supposed to interview last week, but during the winter storm advisories my flights were canceled. luckily i got everything rescheduled without having to shell out extra money. TIP: be very nice and friendly to program coordinators and airline ticket people! haha...i am excited about the last interview, namely, it's the LAST INTERVIEW. omg. i'm so nervous about matching...i can't wait. one of my friends had an early match in ophthalmology...he found out this past week where he is going and i got so jealous. he knows he has a job, he knows he will be an ophthalmologist, and he just has to graduate. the look of relief after a job well done, well, I WANT THAT. and the scramble just has me so freaked out. i do not want to have to go through all that. for the most part, i would be happy at most of the locations on my list, and i could "make it work" for the others, because at the end of the day, i want a job vs. no job.

also, i got 2 pairs of awesome glasses the other day. the best customer service ever. i went a little crazy and got a juicy couture pair, HA. they are bronze/purple-y with pink on the interior, sort of cat-eye frame. and then i got a black pair that just has the "floating" lens affect...and the sides have this cool black and white thing going on. 2 very different looks, and i was excited to have made a good decision. just glad i didn't have to narrow it down to one pair! and my last pair of glasses were so ghetto, the lenses were crappily made and i had weird glares and whatnot. and now that i have nice glasses i am going to try and wear them more...i feel like i will want to transition out of wearing contacts so much and do glasses more, especially once i start residency. i've gotten to the point in my life where contacts have that "TAKE ME OUT NOW" feeling at a certain time of day, plus i think wearing glasses in the hospital is much more hygienic. and i've been scrubbed into surgeries when my contacts have acted up, and there's nothing much you can do once that happens.

ok, i think i've rambled enough. just know that my life is pleasantly boring right now. i love M4 year. only got 1 interview left. gotta think about that rank list. but honestly, everything's great.


Red Stethoscope said...

I'm so glad you found my blog, so that I could find yours! Your writing is hilarious...looking forward to reading more!

Also, if the Korean market of which you speak is H-Mart (they are a chain in multiple big cities, so I hope I'm not blowing your anonymity), yes, they are awesome. I have a Korean roommate and she brings me all these delicious pastries that I never can identify, but are DELICIOUS!

frylime said...

it was H-mart! worries, you are not blowing my cover. i'm going to try and replicate some of the red bean some adzuki beans the other day! and thanks for stopping by!