Sunday, December 04, 2011

time for an update...

i suppose it has been a while...i've been loving plastics!  i got to do my first skin graft the other day...actually, got to harvest a full thickness skin graft on one patient, and then got to harvest a split thickness graft with the dermatome.  fun times!  i also got to close up an open appy the other night on call, first time suturing peritoneum, woo hoo!

now my total major cases number is 53!  yay!  and i have all my plastics numbers now, and i'm nearly finished with my breast/skin/soft tissue numbers too.  i've been getting some good feedback from attendings, and that makes me feel like i'm improving.  at least i can suture alright and whatnot, ha.

i have two med students with me on plastics and they are great.  let me tell you...having good med students that are INDEPENDENT or at least can think on their own and are not so needy, they are worth their weight in gold!  obviously people have to start somewhere, but it's awesome to see these students who don't really know how to suture or tie knots, etc, and then you take them through closing a wound and they do great.

i've been working on knitting a scarf, hopefully i'll be done soon enough because it is cold as $@^% up here!  and it's not even REAL WINTER YET.  boo!!!  H and i bought tickets for christmas to go that will be nice.  get some good southern cooking!

oh and we've had several interview groups come through, and omg it is such a big deal to me!  i wish i could personally interview everyone...because now that i'm on the other side of the fence...i want someone that i can trust to not screw up with my patients.  i want a new intern class that will show up to call ON TIME.  i want an intern who knows when he/she is over their head and needs help, versus "i'll try to fix this on my own".  i want someone who is a team player and someone who i can say "hey let's go grab some food and a beer and hang out" or whatever.  and then the match is so random anyway.  alas!  but i have met a few people that i get good vibes from...i've only been able to go to one interview dinner because of call duties, but those are SO IMPORTANT!  so please go if you're interviewing!!!  you get the residents' undivided attention and can get all the scoop on a program!

so yes, i'm surviving, life is good.  i'm freaking out about ABSITE, but i've got some study group action going on...and let me tell you...studying infectious disease for surgical patients while drinking some good pinot noir is the way to do it!

and with that, i should study/nap/blah because i'm on call tonight.  and with my luck the past few calls, i'll be slammed.  fun times!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

post vacation!

so i have gone forth and vacationed!  and it was lovely!

H and i went down to florida and had a wonderful time in the SUN and being OUTSIDE and only needing to wear FLIP FLOPS and TANK TOPS.  so nice!  then we came back home and were assaulted by the cold.  alas!

i start plastics on monday, yay!

i have an ABSITE study group that i'm working with...we're meeting early afternoon so i need to finish cramming reading for it.

so on vacation we ate some fabulous food...cuban food, venezuelan food, korean food, trendy sushi bar food!  i shopped at the 2 pairs of shoes, 2 wool sweaters, 2 dresses, 2 pants...a pair of jeans and some pj pants.  so yeah, i shopped a lot, but considering that i haven't shopped for myself (other than the procurement of long underwears and wool socks!) in a while, i feel ok with that.  plus it was all on major sale woo woo!  the rate i'm going with residency, i won't shop again until next year, ha.

i finally updated my to the new software and i do suppose it's faster...

this week we have a group of interviewees coming through and i'm so excited!  i did a tour for our first group before the vacation and it was so much fun...and i appreciated that 2 of them sent thank you emails.  so internet world of interviewing med students...just know that THIS resident appreciates the emails.  and yes, i emailed them back too.  so this week we can go to the night before dinner and it's at this fancy place that is delicious, so excited about that too.  i'm looking forward to meeting more people...i want to make sure we get good folks for sure.

ok, enough with the blogging, i need to study!  and hopefully posting will be more regular now that i'm starting back on last rotation was ROUGH to say the least.  if there are any questions people want answered, just holla, i'll do my best!

chao chao!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

one more week until vacation!

yay! exciting!

also, now i've taken two gallbladders off of the liver bed, woo woo! and it's a lot harder than it looks. so shame on me for all those instances of OMG WHY ARE THEY TAKING FOREVER IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT APPEARING...well, i have been put in my place.

yesterday i experienced driving through crazy snow for the first time, and let me tell you, HARD. surprisingly, no traumas at all!

i didn't think i would be looking forward to vacation this parents are coming up to visit so we'll have about 48 hours of togetherness before H and i go down to FLORIDA! yay!!! then a whole week of fun! and SLEEPING! omg!!!

also, i have now started to freak out about the ABSITE...that's our annual exam that we take on jan 31. these tests...they are never ending it seems.

so now i have 40 major cases, i am quite excited about that. i do plastics again after i come back from vacation, so i'm hoping to at least be over 50 by the end of the calendar year. my program coordinator says i should have at least 100 cases by the end of intern year, which it seems will be a small number compared to what the upper levels got when they were interns...basically the 16 hour work restrictions have really decreased the cases we get. in my residency you operate like crazy from the get go. but peeking ahead in my schedule i have 2 months of rotation with outgoing chiefs so hopefully they will have gotten "senioritis" and let me do everything!

hope the internet world is treating everyone well...holla!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

central line

today i put in a central line...left subclavian, first stick, WAHOO! and no dropped lung!

there are some days where i have to take everything one step at a time and look at the overall positive/negative a lot of shit went down, but a lot of good things happened too. so i would say even though today was a bit bipolar feeling for me, overall it was good. at least i can reflect on the day's events and be proud of my actions, or learn from my mistakes, or know that i did the best that i could in the given situations. like i tell my students, "you want to be able to sleep at night". grace under fire. and thank goodness i have H to keep me grounded.

i started a new service on monday. a lot of foregut surgery (gastric bypass, etc) and surg onc. assisted on my first thyroidectomy today. fun times.

and now i should sleep...

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

short notes...

just wanted to document that today i did my first ever laparoscopic dissection of the cystic artery and duct on a gallbladder! and put the clips on and cut and everything! yay! and i got to sew some fascia (on another case), and on yet another case i got to sew on some colostomy. fun times!

in other news i'm still quite sleep deprived, but it's all good. i love my job! even when people piss me off! and i'm tired! and it smells like poop! hahaha...!

hope all is well in internet land...i should do a good post soon. until then, i need to cram for this friday's educational session...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

chugging along

still doing alright. today i am "pre call", so i went in to round and start the orders of the day. now i am at home doing reading. go in later today for call. i do ED call today, meaning i take the consults coming from the emergency folks. last time it was pretty fun, so i'm hoping it's ok tonight.

i feel like i'm getting the hang of things better. not as scared to order a full workup for whatever reason. trying to work on being more assertive, learning how to relay information more succinctly. getting my med students to do good work, trying to not do too much hand holding.

i have this reputation now amongst my co-interns as being the REGULATOR (hahaha!) when it comes to the students. all i have to say is that when i was a student (don't i sound like an old timer?) i was busted on by residents, and i'm not trying to perpetuate any bad cycles, but goodness, you are in SCHOOL and need to LEARN. is that too much to ask for? i saw a student stand by idly while a nurse was telling a co-resident "i can't get in touch with resident ___, but their patient is having acute onset of chest pain". the student pipes up "oh yeah, that's my patient, and they told me they were having chest pain". i asked the student "have you told your resident about this?" "oh no, not yet, i was just waiting for when we rounded later". "WHY HAVEN'T YOU TOLD YOUR RESIDENT THAT THIS PERSON IS HAVING CHEST PAIN THEY COULD BE HAVING A HEART ATTACK!" "oh, i guess i'll call them now..." no worries, the patient was taken care of, but do you catch my drift? i remember what it was like as a new M3, but you have to learn how to think independently after a while...or at least know to call up the chain!

so that is that...i'm going to do some reading and go on about my business. just know that even though i'm working hard, i still love my job! and i enjoy my med students too, hahaha...just have to whip them into proper shape!

Monday, September 05, 2011

on general surgery

i promise i'm alive, just busy. i'm on gen surg now, and i've gotten to first assist two lap cholecystectomies! not as much operating as when i was on plastics, but also my call schedule has been irritating...between pre-call and post-call i miss a lot of OR time. alas.

it rains a lot where i'm at...i swear! dreary labor day, but at least i'm not at the hospital! i went in this morning to round, but my awesome attending had already started and expressed surprise that i was there so early. (she had to come in to do an ex-lap and was like, why don't i start rounding because i got to get it over with anyway. nice.) so i got out a lot earlier than i thought. tomorrow's going to suck though, blah.

trying to decide what to make for dinner...the other day H and i ate the one bell pepper my plant grew! and it was damn delicious! today i got a 6-pack of baby cabbage plants so i'm going to try my hand at growing cabbages in individual pots, ha! i have plenty of serrano peppers growing, just need to remember to use them. but the cabbage...super excited about that! i hope they turn out. i saw a fig tree and i wanted one SO BAD but H said i couldn't get it...ha.

so this week is going to be fun. i get to do ED call tomorrow night! that means i answer all the consults in the ED versus hold down the floor. which will be a nice change. hopefully it doesn't suck too bad. (you just have to do a lot of calling attendings.) then we have a fancy dinner thursday night for a lecture series on friday morning. then i have my "24 hour period off" starting after rounding on saturday! call sunday night, blah, but what can you do?

ok, i need food now, so off to the store! just wanted to drop an update.

OH, also, the other day i did a rectal exam on a patient who we had been consulted on for a small bowel obstruction but was having diarrhea. and when i looked at the butt there was a whole baby carrot down there! a good three inches or so of carrot! like, it had gone all the way through the GI tract and out the other end with a small bit of nibbling...! and no, i don't think the person stuck it their based on their large habitus...i just imagine that would have been hard to do. so i don't think they were as obstructed as the primary team thought...ha! enjoy your carrots today!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

end of plastics, round 1

so i am done with my plastics rotation, for now. tomorrow i start an 8 week stint on a general surgery service. fun fun. and i'm on call tonight, fun.

i've had a great weekend with H and co-intern J. fun times. good food, good wine and beer, couldn't ask for more. looked at a house (because buying would be good in the future), but then realized that we're not quite sure at what we want. haha. alas! can't buy until later anyway, silly 1 year lease!

so we're getting ready to go somewhere to coffee-fy ourselves and study. i need to do a good bit of reading (because it's good for you!) and then eat a nice meal and take a nap. i always try to nap a tiny bit before an evening call shift, but i know i won't have that luxury next year. and i need to call my intern that was on service before me so i know what's up.

hope everyone's having a great day!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

halfway through plastics

2nd week better than 1rst week. isn't that how it's supposed to be? and my formative eval half way through said "doing well. pleasure to work with." BOO-YAH! granted, it was just one opinion out of 4 that i should get, but can't beat that!

one of the things that i've been learning about during residency is how to navigate through the politics. i'm still just the lowly intern, not expected to know anything or do stuff right, and i'm shielded from a lot of the politicking, but i can still feel the effects from time to time. i just do my best to stay above it and not get sucked in...and that actually for me is not too hard. maybe it's my southern roots, but i'm used to "playing the game", ha! and as a med student i got really good at "hearing without listening". if that makes any sense.

alright, on to the good stuff! things i learned and worked on this week:
  • how to properly use the bovie to remove large chunks of flesh! and the importance of not plowing through as to not miss the big vessels that will bleed and obscure your view. (i definitely learned that one quickly!)
  • suturing! got to close tons of skin for 2 breast reduction cases. and there was that panniculectomy that i did a ton of sewing on too.
  • taught my med student how to do 2-handed ties...apparently not all surgery rotations are the same, and where she rotated at last didn't show her how to tie with two hands! the travesty! but now she's a pro, and that's what matters. (note to all med students: as a 3rd year at least, NEVER USE A ONE HAND TIE IN THE OR, especially in front of an attending. two hand ties only until you are proven worthy enough for the one hand tie.)
  • did my first I&D...incision and drainage to all the non-med people. it was quite a big one and under a fair amount of tension too. aspirated about 20cc worth of fluid first before making the cut, and then there was still so much in there. very satisfying. mostly seroma, but there was purulence too. i think the patient is going to feel so much better.
  • cut off some NUBBINS! ok, extra digits, but i think nubbins is so much more accurate. had a baby with bilateral postaxial polydactyly. tied off the nubbins, snip snip, and bam! nubbin free! (and yes, it was so weird to be holding a little nubbin with a fingernail on it post snippage! and my attending thought i was hilarious since i was getting grossed out. i know, surgeon getting grossed out, who would have thought...)
ok, and i'll leave y'all with that. on call again tonight, blah! at least we don't have any OR cases tomorrow so i won't be missing out on the fun!

Friday, July 29, 2011


so now i've been on plastics for one week. got to a rough start, but i think things are smoother now. i'm the only resident on, so that means more responsibility, but also tons of OR time! i've finally gotten to scrub into cases and do some suturing (and of course a ton of retracting). i'm starting to get the hang of the different styles of the attendings, and am officially on texting basis with one of them.

this week has been tough, but i think next week will be better. it's always better after you know the schedule and what's expected of you. and i think that as an intern, i'm not expected to know or do everything perfectly, but of course i am expected to acknowledge where i'm wrong or need improving and fix it for next time.

i've heard that med school is like "drinking water out of a fire hose", but apparently the person who applied that phrase never went to residency. i know that i'm never going to know enough, but i'm looking forward to when at least i'll know how to do all the paperwork shuffles and all that kind of stuff. because knowing how to navigate the system saves so much time, and seconds are precious.

i was on call last night, and it wasn't that bad actually. i feel like i'm starting to get the hang of everything...i'm comfortable handling more and more on my own. i'm getting better at managing post op pain. people that need to pee? straight cath! haha! critical values? NOTED! people wigging out and spazzing? CONSOLED! see? not so's nice that i have excellent co-residents and i must say that overall i'm quite impressed with the nursing staff too.

so let me put these two last things i got two compliments, and they made my day. thus, documentation on le blog for INTERNET ETERNITY. one of my senior residents told all the other ones during our administrative time that he thought i did a great job getting sign outs from all the teams, and that i "aggressively" sought out people to get sign out by calling them up and inquiring on their statuses. (we have been having some issues of people not getting/giving sign out to the on call folks, and i have made it a personal goal of mine to try and do good sign out and then when i'm on call to get good sign out. because how the heck am i supposed to know what's going on if i haven't gotten sign out?) so that made me feel good.

second of the patients we did a flap closure of a wound on had gotten his jp drain clogged up for whatever reason. i sewed the drain in, and i probably did it too tight so i thought that was the problem. the attending told me to go and fix it, so i gathered up my supplies, numbed up the patient, took out the old stitch, and did a little bit of blunt spreading at the incision. turns out, the incision for the drain was a skosh too tight, and my spread action worked wonders! the effect was immediate, we had drainage, and i was like YEAH I FIXED THAT SHIT! sewed the drain back in (looser this time), added some mesentery tape to keep everything in place and put the the dressing back on. called the attending, wrote my note. and i know that fixing a clogged drain is NOT the hardest thing ever, but it was something that i did by myself and felt comfortable and confident in doing so. and then this morning the attending told me "strong work on that drain!". yes. strong work indeed!

and since a lot of my days are spent going "omg i just screwed up" or feeling a bit overwhelmed, i try to focus on some of the good things that are going on. the joys of intern year.

and now i will go to bed soon, since being post call is AWESOME. but i have to work in the morning, alas. holla!

Monday, July 18, 2011

all in a day

you know what sucks? telling people they have cancer. actually, telling people they *might* have cancer also sucks. alas. someone has to do it and someone has to try to fix it.

also, i have seen so many boobs lately, it's killing me! breast surgery is definitely not in my future. obviously it's something i need to learn and i want to learn so i can treat my patients and help them overcome their illnesses, but to say "i want to do a fellowship in breast and devote my whole life to being a breast surgeon!", NO WAY. at least for now. ask me again in a couple of years. but the past few weeks i have seen perky boobs and saggy boobs, old boobs young boobs, wrinkly boobs, rotting out looking boobs, funky implant boobs...just too many boobs! and i'm just on a general surgery service! too many boobs!

anyone out there love jamaica tea as much as i do? i just can't get enough! (hibiscus for all you english-only folks.)

i'm going to go bed early was a long day. rounding, clinic, anxiety, blah! but early is relative...probably that means around 10:30pm...up at 4:15am ugh. and i need to read on parathyroid and thyroid glands. joyful!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

and then there was internet...

imagine my happiness when i got home last night and found myself WITH INTERNET. omg. yay. FINALLY. now i can do questions and read and look up crap and play and all those other things AT HOME. and not have to stay at the hospital (in my call room) and do internetty things.

intern year so far so well. wonderful co-residents. getting a hang of the floor. i can discharge people. i can write orders. i've done 2 procedures...shaved off some warty things and did a punch biopsy. only been into the OR once to "watch" an excision of a melanoma and sentinal node biopsy (while scrubbed), but that's ok. the service i'm on, plus the weird timing of various courses that i had to do kept me out of the OR. plus i have to put out fires on the floor, right? in a week i'll be starting plastics where i'll be the only resident for the whole month. i think i'll get plenty of OR time then. it's all good.

i have found an absolutely fabulous vietnamese restaurant in town. i've been there twice in the last 3 days. the owner was like YOU'RE BACK last night, and i just laughed. and what's so nice about the hospital feeding me so much is that i feel like i can splurge a bit when i do pay for my own food...which is good and bad i suppose.

i am finding that i feel more in my element. i'm not perfect, and that will obviously take a while (ha!), so my goal for each day is "if i'm going to screw up, i want it to be on the least meaningful/important thing". so usually it's that i haven't called someone "fast enough" for my attending's liking, or i missed a form i was supposed to sign (but i'll get called about that by nurses or social work etc., so no problems really). i've gotten good at writing down my checklists, and thank goodness that we have a computerized ordering system so i can sit in one place and put in my orders anywhere. as far as i can tell i haven't made any medical errors, and i always call "up the chain". for example, on call, when i get paged, i go see the patient, formulate my plan, call an upper level (they told us to do this nearly 100% of the time for at least the first few weeks), confirm/change plan, and then enact plan and write a note. then i'll update that team's signout info online. the key is SEEING THE PATIENT. one of my co-interns already got a little burned for not doing that. lesson learned. the second key is already having my own plan. that way the upper level doesn't think i'm lazy and i can learn...maybe i have the correct plan, or maybe it should be changed, or maybe i'm right but that particular attending likes things a certain way. things that i wouldn't know necessarily, but i'm learning now.

in life outside the hospital news, my serrano pepper plant has been making peppers. which i haven't had a chance to eat yet. alas. and my bell pepper plant has FINALLY decided to grow a pepper, despite many flowers. the key lime tree is growing nice and bushy...apparently he really enjoys the new weather conditions. (that makes me happy, because i thought he was going to die a few months ago, and now he's looking so well!) the kitchen has been set up (first room i did), the bedroom is fine. no couches yet, so the living room area is just coffee tables and boxes, and the 2nd bedroom/office is still empty. H is making his way up here soon, so i'm really excited about that. and since this is my GOLDEN WEEKEND, tomorrow will be "cleaning day" and "making room for more crap day". yay!

today i'm going to go to some local markets with a few of my new resident friends. and then depending on if my friend A is up for a visit, i'll drive to visit her (about an hour away)...she's on a really busy ICU month so i'm going to leave the visiting up to her. a note about the markets...I LOVE THEM. there are so many around where i am so i just take my cooler with some ice and go ahead. bring cash, i've learned. i've been able to eat some of the best fruit and find some excellent cheese and all that fun stuff. maybe today i'll get some meat or something to cook for tomorrow. definitely will get some wine.

ok interwebs...i'm back online at home so hopefully the posts will be increased. and if there's anything you want me to talk about, just ask! thanks for bearing with me.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

first real day

just a quick post to document the following:

first order written: urinalysis with culture.

first script written: clotrimazole cream, apply to va-jay-jay twice daily.


i thought my first script would be something PROFOUND, and i don't even know what a profound medicine would be, but not yeast infection crap. alas. such is the life of the intern.

so now i don't have to be back in the hospital until 6pm tomorrow for call. however, i'm in my call room (on my own time, not reporting this for duty hours durrrrrr) because i still have no internet at home. and i still have to do shit online. and i'm tired of having to pay money to use wifi at a restaurant. and i don't want to squat at someone's house to internet (even though my lovely co-residents have offered, i just hate being a burden). so i'm here. and i will stay here until i am starving and then go home to eat.

also, i swapped down a size in scrubs so things would fit better, but apparently i have a big ass. but the scrubs fit beautifully everywhere else. so now i have to decide...keep the "fits everywhere nicely but the ass" scrubs, or switch back to the "swimming inside giganto scrubs". at least with the smaller pair i never have to worry about the scrubs falling down after getting accidentally untied, but then it sucks to realize the reason they won't fall down is because the ass singlehandedly is keeping them up. joy.

work time! then eating time, then nap time? reading time? blah!

Monday, June 27, 2011

alive, i promise

i don't have internets at my apartment yet. therefore, lack of posts. also therefore, extreme frustration at the inability to do ANYTHING online. and all my curriculum is online. boo!

co-interns are cool. it's really easy to pick out everyone in their specialties...the emergency folks are like hyper little puppies, the medicine folks talk all nerdy, and us surgeons are the grumpy ones in the back row trying not to fall asleep...ha!

doing ACLS right now. have to do a critical care medicine course at the end of the week, which means i will be doing a lot of reading this week. i took a nap after i got home from work today because i had been up since the buttcrack of dawn driving to the airport and back, but it was worth it for H! i'm going to have to train my family to stop phone bombing me's hard to take naps that way.

i found out my call schedule for this month...first day on call is fourth of july. how patriotic. hopefully i don't screw up too badly.

more updates as i get more interwebs...landlord says "maybe this week". boo.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

farmers markets!

today i took a trip to a market to see what all the hubbub was about...and left with tons of lovely produce for CHEAP! quite exciting. $2 for 6 orange and red bell peppers. $1 for 5 guavas (my splurge, ha!). $1 for 4 lovely limes. $2 for 6 huge apricots. 50 cents for a huge chunk of ginger root. $7 for 2 pounds of local cherries (ok, my second splurge!) and then of course i had to get some danish (already devoured) and a sticky bun (for tomorrow). my fridge looks absolutely fantastical. then i found a korean restaurant about 15 minutes away from my apartment! and i ate there! i had squid! it was GLORIOUS!!! so yeah, things are looking a bit better these days.

so far i've unpacked my kitchen and my bathroom. everything else is pretty much still boxed, but i've arranged everything to where it doesn't seem so train-wrecky. i bought some plants to decorate my kitchen...lemon balm, rosemary, and basil. i also got a serrano pepper plant and a bell pepper plant for the outside. and now i have to make myself not buy any more plants.

tonight i have plans to go to the ymca for a yoga class. i went and got my own yoga mat today too, because i checked out the mats they had and they were kind of grody. plus then i can do some good yoga at home without sliding around on the tile floor.

still learning about IV fluids. i'm getting a bit nervous about starting everything...i start off doing a general surgery month for the underinsured, yay! but i'm the only intern who hasn't done a prelim year, so i just feel so far behind. it will work out of course, and i'm going to be studying and learning. but still, aaaack!

and i can read my own ppd now because i'm a DOCTOR. isn't that crazy?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

trying to get settled

so i'm in my new place. it's going to be nice...i say "going to be" because all my crap is everywhere, i am having to clean like crazy (the former tenant had a cat and a dog and apparently their powers combined allow hair to go EVERYWHERE. i mean, cat hair in the FREEZER. FREEZER! how the hell does hair of animal get into the damn freezer?) and i haven't been able to unpack everything yet. insert other aggravating things that will be resolved on monday, alas. in the end though, it's a beautiful place and i'm going to enjoy living there. *crosses fingers*

today i checked out the local ymca, and now i'm at a starbucks to access the interwebz. (internet still needs to be hooked up at la casa.) i've already gotten a shopper's card for the local grocery store and made 2 trips to lowe's in the same day. i hope to have my kitchen in order tonight so that tomorrow i can make something a bit more fancy than "variation on fried rice" or "fried egg" or "cereal".

also, i learned that driving through dc/baltimore during any time of the day is inherently stupid. i had decided to split up the 16-ish hour drive from my beloved home state into 2 parts. so i visited my lovely friend K in her new state to visit her new house and other things. when it was time to leave, i just punched in my new address in the trusty gps and set off, not looking to see the exact route. apparently, that was the mistake. instead of going up the trusty i-81 and going to the KOREAN RESTAURANT, i proceeded the way of death and destruction and sat on the interstate going 2 miles in literally ONE HOUR. how the hell do people live there? i guess you just live in the city and take public transit, because how do you live when your whole day is spent just sitting in a car in the 100 degree weather on the interstate with NO ESCAPE. alas.

i am happy because H has booked his tickets to come visit me at the end of this month! yay! and K and Z are coming next weekend (OR ELSE) to visit! and then some other people are to visit at the end of july, but that's a long way from now. i guess i won't be crawling out of my skin when i start working and have things unpacked, but ugh, i am getting annoyed/discouraged/irritated by all the cleaning i am having to do just to feel comfortable putting my things away. damn animal hair!

also, apparently, i am undergoing a bit of culture shock. everything is so much closer together than it is down south. people talk weird, but i'm sure i talk weird to them. the grocery store is weird, but i think i will learn to love it...they have a robust hispanic section with all the juices that i love! yay guava! i am communicating with all my friends that are scattered about the nation now, but i just feel so lonely too. it seems that nobody else going to my hospital has made it into town yet (at least the ones i've met on so there really isn't any opportunity to meet people yet. i think i'm going to join the y here, so maybe some potential there, but probably not. i don't want to be THAT GIRL that walks up to strangers on the treadmill and chats them up. and i don't want people to think i'm hitting on them, because when i spent a summer in upstate new york apparently saying "hello" to strangers means you are flirting with them, when that is completely and utterly NORMAL in the motherland. i know it's normal to feel a bit of culture shock when going anywhere, but why is it that i am feeling more of it now while still in the good ol' USA, where when i'm traveling to peru or bolivia or whatever i don't really experience it at all? that's the zillion dollar question, readers.

alright, i guess i will stop being a bum and do a section on IV fluids. blah. i am starting to hate on some sodium and potassium and must everyone always get D5 1/2 NS + 20KCl? just kidding, just trying to inject some FUN into this post!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

epic update time!

i am FINALLY an MD!!! five years, lots of headache, some wonderful times, cussing like a sailor, etc etc etc...

it feels good. it really does. strangely, i don't feel THAT different after prancing around in my graduation robes and receiving my diploma, but ask me again in a month. i'm sure i'll feel quite different then!

i hope to start updating more regularly. let me just tell you about my last week...i'm still not quite recovered!

wed: picked up my rental truck. loaded some stuff, H and i drive to my parents' house 45 min away. unload truck, repack truck (yay for swapping furniture!), drive to granddad's house 30 min away from parents house (and 25 min from mine). unload truck. dad is quite happy he was able to use my truck for "free", even if we were unloading ALL NIGHT LONG. ugh!

thurs: load up truck with my things. frantically. white coat ceremony that night. it was nice! i got my long white coat! with my name on it! and it says SURGERY because i'm going to be a SURGEON. yay!!!

fri: GRADUATION!!! it was so wonderful to see everyone walk! (and i must say, my school does stuff fast. they graduated 650-some odd students in less than 2 hours.) ate lunch, hopped in the truck, and H and i sped off to the great northeast.

sat: arrived to new apartment around 10pm. took 1 1/2 days of intensive driving through mountains, and i must say moving trucks don't like going up mountains! my dad, brother, and H started unloading the truck and i started cleaning like a madwoman. didn't go to bed till around 3am or so...

sun: finished up some things, replaced door locks, toured the new town for my family. no point in staying longer than we had to, so we hit the road at 3pm to come back south.

mon: arrive at my "old" apartment at 7:30am. driving all night long is tiring! commenced cleaning my old apartment.

tues: old apartment cleaned and i'm 100% outta there!

TODAY: catching up on all my interwebbing and about to get some lunch!

so there you first post as a real bona fide MD!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

omg so glad i didn't go into peds

this rotation is quite nice...

one thing that weird me out about pediatricians is one minute we're discussing "mr. ___ is a 2 year old boy with blah blah blah", the next minute we walk into the patient's room and all of a sudden "HEWWOW THERE WIDDLE BOY! AWENT YOU SO CUUUUUUTE!" and so on and so forth. this type of behavior is exhibited by both the male and female pediatricians, and it freaks me out.

also, chicken pox is a reportable disease now? apparently i am old.

operation PACK UP DA HOUSE is not doing so well. H has just informed me that my packing methodology is incorrect, alas. (he means well, haha!) so now i have to regroup. but at least i can drink a yuengling at the same time...

my graduation announcements FINALLY came in the mail today...and then i realized i has no stamps. so tonight i will go to the stamp place and try to get the most bizarre stamps possible for to stamp my announcements. (i remember once i got bat stamps, and they were so cool!)

also last night i went to a friend's super awesome apartment and he made HOT POT for us! (apparently a taiwanese thing.) you boil water in a pot and drop different vegetables and meats in it in various "rounds", and then at the end you throw in bean noodles and it is so good! so you eat a round of veggies, and then you "rest" while the meats are cooking and then you just eat and eat and eat and it's just delicious. i am so inspired, i will have to do the same once i'm settled in new place.

ok, so i will go and pack a box, go to post office, and eat mexican yumminess!

Monday, May 02, 2011

first day of last rotation!

today i start peds hospitalist. let's hope that it's a breeze...woo woo!

and i'm going to start off by wearing scrubs...hopefully that will be just fine...

oh, and i hope i remember medical things, since clearly i've been a lazy butt this past month! at least i went to the beach one last time, visited my alma mater for a fun weekend, and got rid of "some" furniture...

graduation on may 27! can't wait! moving the day after! zomg!

alright, let me get ready...!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

about to get to work!

PACKING! woo! actually, my real goal for today is to clean up/pack up a room in my apartment. i know i can do it, so there. i have no excuse to leave my apartment today before the afternoon, so i'm going to get to it (after this blog post, ha).

i called one of my loan servicers and turns out the loans i had from my first first year of med school will be in "forbearance" until the rest of my loans use up their grace period in november. i guess they were smart enough to realize that i was a med student? who knows. the letter they sent me was automated, so i suppose that everyone gets a notice that says "you have to start paying soon", but when i called, it was "just insurance, you're in forbearance until the rest of your loans' grace period expires". well, in order to apply for forbearance for the rest of my loans, i just have to fill out some paperwork. the only catch is that i need my residency program official's signature, which i can't get now, obviously. so i'll do that in june once i'm there 100%, plenty of time before november. and just to explain forbearance, that means you have to pay just the interest earned on your loans...ALL of your loans, whether they are subsidized or not. i believe you also have the option of not paying the interest and just letting everything capitalize (add on) to your actual loan amount, but that would lead to just having to pay more in the long run. always better to be able to put down SOMETHING rather than nothing at all. deferment means the government picks up the interest earned on the subsidized loans, but not the unsubsidized loans. and since i didn't get my loans before 1993 or so, i don't qualify for deferment during residency because i'll be making too much money and i won't have any other hardship during that time. and please correct me if i'm saying something wrong, but i feel like at least inside my head i have the correct gist of things!

so here's my plan (at least for now) for loans: getting forbearance on all my loans and paying off at least the monthly interest every month on all of those loans. i have about $7,000 worth of institutional loans (through my school) that my school will waive all finance/interest fees if i pay that $7,000 off in full by certain dates next year. so i will pay those loans off in full, because why would i rack up more money from only $7,000 worth of loans? the rest amounts to about $115,000 with a fixed 6.8% interest. (that amount may sound like a lot to non-med school people, but trust me, i know i am VERY fortunate to have only racked up that much debt! my school is very economic, even for a state university.) i understand that will be a hefty monthly payment just paying off the interest every month, but even something will help in the long run.

i know there are various consolidation plans out there, but i don't want to draw out the process any longer than it should be. or maybe i'm naive about those plans. on the other hand, i know that i'm responsible enough to be able to check with all my different servicers (3 total, 4 if you count my school) and make sure everyone is paid on time.

at least i don't have to make any sudden decisions right now. blah! suggestions are welcome, if anyone has any. and yes, i've looked into IBR.

Monday, April 18, 2011

new apartment!

so H and i just got back from a week trip to the NE to look for a living space. after many dead ends and "omg no ways" and general suck-i-tude, we found the PERFECT place! tile floors, huge kitchen, SKYLIGHTS, and outdoor patio, OMG! it's a place that i'm going to be happy to come home to. and cook in. and read in. and lounge in. and the best part about it...we found it through one of the rising chief's (in gen surg)...his girlfriend is in the real estate field and she knew a guy who was wanting to rent his place out to good young professional types, voila! so advertising solely through word-of-mouth. much better than other ways...that way people don't know much about it in general. and the place is really new too.

something i noticed about "up north" is that restaurants have more vegetarian selections than down here. not that i'm vegetarian, but what if i don't want meat? then i want some delicious options that don't have meat! i had the best portabella mushroom sandwich...2 grilled caps, smothered in cheese, lettuce tomato and onion, was so good.

some of our friends just had a baby, and she is so precious. 1/4 filipino, 3/4 "white"...i joked that if i had a baby, that's what she'd look like. the baby is SO asian looking! i guess asian genes really dominate, but that's ok. congrats to the new parents!

but speaking of asian genes, H and i stopped at this awesome diner in virginia on our drive back south. it's on i-81, exit 180A...fancy hill korean diner! omg the BEST. and in the middle of nowhere, ha. i got the squid bulgogi, and H got the pork bulgogi, and we shared mandu dumplings. omg, so so so so so good. i think i will eat there every time i have to drive through. and the owner was asking me about my heritage (so asian), and i replied "half korean!" and he said that i looked "90% korean". hee hee! what a compliment! next time i will have to get the bibimbap, but i am such a sucker for squid, i may not be able to try anything else! (and they have "american" dishes too, so something for everyone.)

also, we stopped by the hospital and said hello to my new program director...i think i'm going to get along great with him. he gave me a copy of a book that goes along with their new curriculum, that was quite nice of him.

so now i should ramp up the packing...alas!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

moving sucks

so i hate sorting. i am a closet hoarder, apparently. i do not throw anything away, EVER. well, until now! hahaha...

today my goal is to get some damage done to some of the furniture that i'm swapping with my parents. if i'm feeling especially adventurous, i'll start packing up some clothes. i also have a bridal shower to go to today, and i'm hoping that involves traditional deep south shower fare. another goal of today is to NOT EAT A FRIED EGG. omg...i am so obsessed. maybe i'll do tofu instead.

i am adjusting well to my iphone. i can't believe i waited so long to get on the smartphone bandwagon.

i'm on chapter 3 of greenfield. nutrition. i would love to finish the whole book before i start residency, but it's kind of huge.

next week H and i are planning on driving up to residency land to scope out living situations. looking at apartments for now. excited to visit other big cities along the way too.

i've also been playing around with mint's budget webpage, just trying to feel it out. jury's still out if i'll actually keep using it, but i need to come up with SOMETHING to manage all my accounts! i have three separate loan servicers! at least everything is online so i can manage it wherever i am. but my question is what the heck should i do about repayment plans? i've been doing my research, but it seems everything out there is in "fancy speak", which means i don't quite understand it all. and i want to be financially responsible and do all the right things and live within a reasonable budget. i don't want to starve myself of any luxuries, but at the same time, i want to be responsible. i'll gladly not shop for too many clothes, etc, but if i want to eat sushi, i want to eat it. good thing i'm going to be a surgeon...i'll just wear scrubs every day anyway! and the hospital i'm going to lets its residents eat all meals in house for FREE, so i would imagine my grocery budget will be a bit smaller than here...but what's probably going to happen is that my inner-foodie will EXPLODE and i'll just get all kinds of crazy things because i'll have "more money" to spend...ha. i think my priorities will be 1) paying off loans, 2) eating, 3) exercise/health, and 4) saving for awesome vacations.

ok, enough procrastinating...packing time!

Monday, April 04, 2011

why does moving involve packing?

so far H and i have cleaned off my porch/balcony thingie of all my dead plants and plastic pots. yay! my next task is to clean off everything that will be going back to my parents' house. (we're doing a furniture swap.) i have boxes, i have a deadline, so i have to do it, right?

also, H and i got iPhones! my "splurge" for a long time. i upgraded from a fabulous ghetto flip phone, and now it's like i have the whole world at my fingertips. and then there was the drama with porting my existing number. i was so scared it wasn't going to happen, and then i never got the "text" that i was supposed to get, aak. in the end it was ok, and H gave me a couple of eye-rolls...ha. i guess i was being overly dramatic. now i just need to get a case, and maybe that will be my incentive to pack this morning.

one more month of school! and it's not even until may! and i'm going to be a surgeon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

exciting times!

so after a few days to PAR-TAY LIKE CRAZY and digest all of it all, i am so happy to say I'M GOING TO BE A DOCTOR! I'M GOING TO BE A SURGEON! so exciting!

so i'm not going to divulge my official match location, because i want to have SOME secrets, hee hee. but i will say the next month or 2 i'll be moving over 1,000 miles away from home to a place where it SNOWS! and i'll sound like a huge redneck! north of the mason dixon line! where i'll be around big cities with tons of ethnic food options! people who love farmer's markets!

ok, i'll cave a little bit. i'm a deep south girl who is moving to the grand NORTHEAST! trading hurricanes for nor'easters. humidity for ice. mosquitoes for whatever bugs they have up there. (hopefully not mosquitoes!) i'll certainly miss crawfish, but i can ship them up there, right? and they have mussels and crabs and all sorts of delicious things. maybe i'll learn how to snow ski. and i can make my own cheese grits. i'll still call coke "coke" versus "pop" or "soda" or whatever it is. i'm excited to live in a "not so freakishly RED state" and a city that has SIDEWALKS. i'll be able to say that i voted for obama and the first reaction isn't that i've grown three heads or something. yay! and what is it like when your car handle freezes shut? oh dear...

can you tell i'm excited? it was funny, when i went up on stage to announce my spot, it was like i had forgotten how to read! i saw all these letters and knew they made words, but i couldn't tell. i had made my list out to where i would be happy anywhere, as long as it wasn't 2 particular programs...ha! and luckily, it wasn't those 2 programs! my parents were in shock! H was in shock! his parents were in shock! haha...i don't think it would have mattered anywhere i had matched...we would have all still been in a happy good shock!

so now i'm looking for apartments. i think renting for 3-4 months is the best route to go, especially since i don't want to buy a house in an area that i realize isn't the best for H and i. i want to know a bit more about the place before we make a huge investment. fun times!

Monday, March 14, 2011


obligatory march post

so i've been busy. alas.

this month i am on house medicine, which means i have no time to myself. i have a wonderful team, so i can't complain. today i have my 2nd day off this month so far and i am milking it for all it's worth. things like cleaning kitchen, baking, LAUNDRY time a ZILLION, FREAKING OUT ABOUT MY NRMP EMAIL I'M ABOUT TO GET AT 11:00 AM CENTRAL TIME. aak!

i'm pretty sure i'll match, but you can't be too sure. so this email will tell me that i have matched, yes/no, and then i'll find out where on thursday. i'm wigging out so bad. so it's been good i've been on a busy month because i just haven't had enough time to properly freak out, but i'm making up for it all now.

as for medicine, it's like that thing you hate but you know is good for you. does that make sense? i don't really enjoy medicine, but i'm glad i'm learning about how to fill out paperwork, how to do dictations for discharge summaries, etc. it's nice to be able to follow patients from beginning to end and at this part in my studies, i have a better idea of what to do for each patient. it's been interesting to compare the medicine way vs. the surgery way of taking care of the same problems. i don't want to become that type of resident who "hates on" people of other specialties. ok, some healthy ribbing is obviously warranted, but sometimes i encounter such HATRED of other specialties and it's just bizarre. the other day we had a lecture done by a cardiologist (like full time, done with training) and he just dogged on surgeons. ("surgeons don't want to operate." ok, maybe they didn't want to operate on a freakishly unstable patient? "surgeons think they can do whatever they want." ugh. and so on.) it was just so weird to see a grown man bitch and moan like that...just made me think that he must have had wanted to be a surgeon? or gotten snubbed by a potential surgeon lover? ha!

whenever i get anxious like this, i find myself freaking out about all sorts of things. i'm afraid to look at because of all the japan's just so sad and my heart goes out to those people. i start thinking about things i'm sorry i did in my past and i just think and think and think. then i start worrying about "what if i'm not good enough for residency". ha, at least i don't think i've made the wrong specialty choice, but just obsess over my competency. i know it's not normal to ruminate this way, but most med students have somewhat obsessive personalities. i can't help it. i think once i get my email today it will cease for a while. then i'll start wigging out about thursday, but honestly, i'm more afraid of NOT getting a job than to freak out about WHERE. and i would be happy on most places on my rank list, so i'm not that scared about that.

alright, i should stop this ramble. i think i'll go to the gym so i can clear my mind a bit. then lunch with E, and maybe i can go to the mall? look at shoes? haha!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

some thoughts about peru

sunset on the rio orosa. view from our boat. lovely.

overall, i am so glad i had the experience to visit peru. my group went to the northern part of peru, started out in the city of iquitos, and then sailed along the amazon and some of its rivers and visited a bunch of different small villages. we all worked so hard, seeing hundreds of patients and then trying to figure out transportation for a select few who needed extra help.

some general observations:
  • kids in the amazon get viral colds just like kids in the usa. and their mamas all want antibiotics, just like mamas in the usa. and we educated a ton about viruses vs. bacteria. some people got it. most didn't.

  • the most common adult complaint was "mareos y dolor in me cabesa". dizziness and headache. you see, we had ibuprofen and paracetamol for aches and pains. drugs that we can buy OTC very easily here. but in the jungle, they were some powerful drugs, and people would lie to try and get the drugs. to them, dizziness and headache was their way of trying to get pain meds, when really they were just dehydrated. and then they'd laugh at us when we told them to drink more water. we would even have a liter-sized bottle of water on the table and say "drink at least this much everyday". most couldn't fathom drinking HALF of that in a day! they would say "i'm not a frog!" honestly, if people would just come and say "i get headache sometimes, and backache, etc, and i just need some pills to get through it", i would give them medicine in a heartbeat. but as it was, a lot of people just lied, couldn't answer questions like "when does it get better" (yes), or "when did it start" (it started when i was born), etc. so if you lied, well, how can i help you? if you are blatantly telling your child what to say to "score some drugs", how can i trust you? and yes, i may be using a translator, but i understand spanish well enough to know that you are feeding words, ha. i'm not that stupid. plus you don't want to just give people drugs willy nilly, because that leads to my next point...

  • a lot of people had NO IDEA how medicines should be used. a lot of folks relied heavily on herbal medicines, which are fine. but when they had a stash of ibuprofen, they would use it for ANY kind of ache or pain. we had several children that reported months of stomach pain. so the parents thought was "my child has stomach pain, let me give them adult strength ibuprofen to relieve pain". very bad idea. so we did a lot of educating. (then come to find out, a lot of church groups go to the area to mission-ize, which is ok i guess, but then they would just shower people with meds to get them to come to the sermons. well, thank you for dispensing medicine without sound medical advice because now you've enabled these people to give their children stomach ulcers. extreme example, but it's true. thank goodness we didn't see any kids actively vomiting blood or peritonitic.)

  • lots of babies, lots of pregnant women. i loved how the women were not shy about breastfeeding in public. baby is crying, pop out that breast and voila! happy baby. not that i would advocate the same amount of "exposure" in the usa, but wouldn't it be nice that mothers could breastfeed in public and people wouldn't gawk or stare or say mean things?

  • the river is everything. people bathe, wash clothes, drink water, clean meat, poop, pee, etc, all in the same place. very little awareness of latrines, or "go downriver for pooping", etc. no wonder everyone had "bichos" or worms in their poop. we saw many huge-bellied children full of worms. lucky for them, everyone got a mebendazole tablet at clinic check in to at least reduce their parasite loads.

  • i am amazed at the number of people who initially would say "i have a headache and dizziness" to try and score some pain meds, and then would turn out to have a nasty STD or UTI, or maybe a huge abscess, or some other major problem. why didn't you tell us about your vaginal discharge x 3 months? or about your chronically infected leg wound? aaaah!

  • but even with the craziness, overall i think we helped a lot of people who truly needed it. for every 4-5 people complaining of HA secondary to dehydration, we helped 1 person who really needed to get their ear infection cleared. or their UTI fixed. or anti-inflammatory meds to relieve them of their chronic arthritis pain. etc etc. such is the nature of these things. and then everyone got medicine for worms. good stuff.
ok, i think i'll stop there for now. it was truly an amazing experience. i'm very glad i got to go. mostly medical problems, but every once in a while i would see a surgical problem and wish i could actually help. so maybe in the future, i could be a medical mission surgeon and have some sort of way to fix people for good. but i can see where setting up medical clinics is much easier, but i think being able to share my (future) surgical skill set with those in need would be intensely gratifying.

Friday, February 25, 2011

back in town!

peru was amazing!!! can't wait to tell y'all about it!


Sunday, February 06, 2011

sunday morning

i tried to put down the knitting, i really did. but now i'm working on a set of hats for a friend who is expecting twins. haha...i can't help myself.

i finalized my rank list and it is doth certified (and green!). i've been getting some wonderful email interactions between some programs that i really liked, and yes, it's great to get positive feedback. but my paranoid self wonders how many OTHER people they are sending these things to, and if i should be more decisive in my emails, etc. i'm trying to avoid saying "you're my number one!" because i think it's cheesy, so i'm saying things like "thrilled, happy, etc", but alas. but i'll do it if i have to, ha!

this next week is going to be HUGE. we're meeting up with some friends we haven't seen in a while, then going to a "social" with my surgery department, and all the while i have to pack to go to PERU!!! oh, and super bowl party today of course. i will be making a king cake because that is how i roll. obviously, i will not be posting while i am out of the country, since we will be internet-less on a boat floating on a river in the middle of nowhere! i can't wait!

last night i made some kick ass mac and cheese. i threw in some sauteed onion, garlic, and mushroom with my lovely blend of mozzarella, monterey, and cheddar cheeses. and we ate it with watermelon radish and arugula salad. i'm glad i only make mac and cheese rarely, because it was so damn good we ate so much. definitely gymming today.

with all that talk about food i'm officially hungry for breakfast. maybe i'll do some fried eggs? biscuits? go elsewhere? alas!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

rank list dilemmas...

last night i had a mini-freak out regarding le ol' rank list. i go back and forth of being confident with my choices to thinking i'm about to make the biggest mistake of my life...ugh. i have a meeting today with my mentor to discuss things a bit. it sucks that you have to make these decisions having only been to a place like ONE DAY. and i'm worried that i'm being seduced by programs because they seem really cool on the outside, but maybe they're not so fun once you're in? and my list needs to be finalized within the week because i'm going to PERU soon! so that increases the anxiety, blah. so compound the rank list worries with the worry that i just won't match and then you've got a really neurotic frylime on your hands...

and one of my gen surg friends at school and i were thinking about having some sort of informal "talk it out" session with the M3s wanting to do gen surgery...people are desperate for help and it seems like there's not a good way to get that help at school. granted, i feel very aware of everything because i 1)psychotically look everything up online, 2) stalked my mentor (ha, he told me to come meet with him for help), and 3) bugged the upperclassmen as much as i could. but i think there's some folks out there that are absolutely clueless, especially with the kinds of questions i've been getting. so maybe after match day we'll have a sit down.

revisiting infectious disease lectures are kind of fun when there's no pressure of looming test ahead. i'm remembering that learning is fun! and also that you should never go ass-to-mouth, and always wash your hands after you poop! yay! yesterday's lectures were all about various things that make you itchy or make you violently poop. fun day. today we're getting some shots...for me i've got to get hepatitis A and typhoid booster. luckily yellow fever is good for 10 years and i had that one done in college.

oh, and i had a really encouraging conversation with an attending i worked with. he referred to my first half of med school crappy-ness as my "achille's heel". i like that phrase. he had some nice things to say about me and some good advice for my future, and it just made me feel good on the inside. it's nice to know that you have some fans in different places, because you never know when interviewers know your attendings and will CALL and TALK ABOUT YOU without you ever knowing, unless you just happen by their office to say hello. so, it's just a good feeling.

alright, got to get ready for's at 9:00..woo! and i think we get a free lunch today. double woo!

Friday, January 21, 2011


what have i done so far today?
  • 7:18 - woke up.
  • 7:30 - made coffee...mmm!
  • 7:45 - fried an egg, made some toast, topped with strawberry fig preserves and VOILA! breakfast!
  • 7:50 to now - reading my interwebs. news, blogs, other miscellaneous items.
that's pretty much been my schedule for the past few mornings, usually breakfasting with granola or cereal. sometime before lunch i usually take it over to the couch and watch some combination of bravo tv, mtv, food network, or entertainment today. i have decided that i prefer housewives of beverly hills, though the atlanta ladies provide some lovely drama too. watching animal planet was too depressing...maybe that had something to do with an animal hoarding marathon, but ick. no more for me! and i love that new mtv show where they have the teenagers lose like 100 pounds in 100 days or something like that. and during all this tv time, i'm KNITTING! last night i finished knitting a ghetto sock...ha. it's not too shabby looking. i'm currently working on the second sock. then after that, i actually do not have a project in mind...suggestions?

so then i proceed on to lunch, which i either eat in or eat out...mostly eat in. today i will...i have some leftover bbq pork calling my name! i also FINALLY procured a watermelon radish and they are so fun and delicious. i hope where i end up for residency has a lovely farmer's market nearby...i would love to participate in a CSA or something similar.

the afternoons can be solitary, an extension of what i do in the morning. most of the time, though, i go and exercise, or go shopping with friends (as i did yesterday), hang out at the bookstore, etc. this week i've only been pathetic once, meaning i only left my apartment ONCE in a day and that was to go exercise...ha. i also do chores like cleaning up my kitchen, etc etc. i have plenty of books i should be reading, but i guess i've been lazy...ha.

evenings are whatever happens...dinner, running errands with H, etc.

i'm trying my best to appreciate my boredom, since supposedly THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME EVER AGAIN, but sheesh, it's tiresome! so today i think i will shake things up...i'll go gym in the morning, rather than the afternoon. i'll come back in time to make something for lunch and eat it. yay for plans! then maybe i can meet up with people in the afternoon for some play time.

thanks for sticking with me, o faithful readers, all <5 of you...ha. (honestly, i have no idea how many people read this silly thing.) next month will be i'll be prepping and going to PERU! then house med in march, boo. so i'll have more medically relevant stories soonish. if anyone has any specific questions they want to ask or topics i should write about, just holla in the comments. i was thinking about doing an informative post on the match and whatnot, but i can do whatever.

chao people!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

first post of new year! ta-da!

hello all...not much to update i suppose, because in the land of frylime i am still acting like a college kid sleeping in till 7:30-8:00 (gasp!) and watching a ton of tv. i've also been doing a lot of other things, like getting back into a regular workout routine, knitting, cooking, etc. i'm currently trying to work through a baby knitting book for beginners (NOT BECAUSE I HAVE BABY FEVER), and the baby crap is nice because it's small, doesn't take forever, and i can learn new technique without having to make a ginormously huge adult sweater or what have you. and if it looks hideous, well, i don't feel so bad. and if it looks nice, i can give it away to one of the zillion fertile and pregnant peoples i know. plus it keeps my hands busy. my next project after i finish the sweater is to make H a proper hat for cold outdoor activities, and then maybe i can learn how to make socks? who knows...

i also have my medical spanish book that i need to start reading from. i also have greenfield's surgery text that i have a goal of reading through before residency starts. i also want to bake tons of bread for the VIPs i've had to interact with lately.

my goals today include checking out the new asian supermarket in town...i'm so excited. after my last interview that was close to [insert large city here], i hung out in a supermarket designated solely for KOREAN PEOPLE. omg!!! it was AWESOME! i got korean pastries that were filled with red bean yumminess, roasted corn tea, and some kimbap to go. this one, i think, is more for chinese/taiwanese people, but whatever. i am still excited to go check it out. and they have a restaurant that is supposedly quite authentic. i hope they have some squid!

so yesterday the NRMP opened up the rank list website...and no, i haven't put in my rank list yet. i still have one more interview. i was supposed to interview last week, but during the winter storm advisories my flights were canceled. luckily i got everything rescheduled without having to shell out extra money. TIP: be very nice and friendly to program coordinators and airline ticket people! haha...i am excited about the last interview, namely, it's the LAST INTERVIEW. omg. i'm so nervous about matching...i can't wait. one of my friends had an early match in ophthalmology...he found out this past week where he is going and i got so jealous. he knows he has a job, he knows he will be an ophthalmologist, and he just has to graduate. the look of relief after a job well done, well, I WANT THAT. and the scramble just has me so freaked out. i do not want to have to go through all that. for the most part, i would be happy at most of the locations on my list, and i could "make it work" for the others, because at the end of the day, i want a job vs. no job.

also, i got 2 pairs of awesome glasses the other day. the best customer service ever. i went a little crazy and got a juicy couture pair, HA. they are bronze/purple-y with pink on the interior, sort of cat-eye frame. and then i got a black pair that just has the "floating" lens affect...and the sides have this cool black and white thing going on. 2 very different looks, and i was excited to have made a good decision. just glad i didn't have to narrow it down to one pair! and my last pair of glasses were so ghetto, the lenses were crappily made and i had weird glares and whatnot. and now that i have nice glasses i am going to try and wear them more...i feel like i will want to transition out of wearing contacts so much and do glasses more, especially once i start residency. i've gotten to the point in my life where contacts have that "TAKE ME OUT NOW" feeling at a certain time of day, plus i think wearing glasses in the hospital is much more hygienic. and i've been scrubbed into surgeries when my contacts have acted up, and there's nothing much you can do once that happens.

ok, i think i've rambled enough. just know that my life is pleasantly boring right now. i love M4 year. only got 1 interview left. gotta think about that rank list. but honestly, everything's great.