Tuesday, December 28, 2010

post holiday yay

i've had a wonderful holiday this year. no complaints. today i went shopping with some christmas money and got some new socks and some lovely born shoes...i needed some "grown up" nice walking around shoes...these look like boots but don't go over the ankles. i'm pretty excited about wearing them around. born is an awesome brand...never go wrong with those shoes.

K and i have a plan to get BUFF...started off yesterday with some weight training. today it hurts to walk up/down stairs, squat to potty, you name it. it's a good thing, i know, but damn! haha...don't get results unless you make it hurt, and i feel that if i can keep this up i'll be feeling healthier in no time.

i am making a pizza tonight for dinner, and i'm pretty excited about it. making some pizza dough now, will have an olive oil and garlic base, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and bacon and parmesan cheese, topped off with an arugula salad. YUMS.

i scheduled my flight for my last interview, and now i just need to decide what hotel to use. 10 interviews...goodness. i hope to get 1 more! or 2 more? or how about a zillion more? haha...after talking to some friends over the holidays, i think my list is pretty much cemented. but who knows, everything is fickle anyways. i hope H and i can make a road trip during MLK weekend to a place i really liked but he wasn't able to travel with me the first time. or if not there, then anywhere, really. ha.

also, i need to learn some spanish! i'm going to peru in february with school...super excited! any medical spanish books my readers would recommend?

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Arps said...

Juuuuust discovered your blog (and you can guess how! :P)I'm surprised I haven't been here earlier. Looks like I'll have some catch up reading to do.
Well am in the same boat- trudging along the interview trail. Just hoping for things to end happily soon.

Good luck for the remaining two and the MATCH!