Wednesday, December 15, 2010

laying on the couch and i love it

finally, a chance to breathe between interviews.

i have been on 7 now, got another this weekend. 2 in january. i'm hoping to possibly pick up a few more as people cancel, but who knows if that will happen. it's hard to keep everything separated. i stopped taking notes directly after each interview...just got too tired of doing "extra". i have been doing a running rank list in my mind though, so that's good. i'm not sure of which program is officially "1" and "2", but 3-7 are pretty much set. maybe i'll rearrange the ones of "not so much wanting to go here, but it would be ok", but right now the top 4 are definitely the top four. i am hoping that i really like/love this coming up interview. it has that pre-interview potential of being my new number 1, but who knows. i've gone to places where i have been pleasantly surprised and places where i was like HELL NO.

i understand how certain people have to scramble now, after having met some pre-lims who are interviewing for first year categorical spots like me. hopefully i don't come off as socially awkward or inept. i'm glad that i learned how to dress and act professionally. yes, i cuss like a sailor when i want to, but i don't do it on my interview day, a.k.a. "first date" with the new program. i wear pantyhose with skirt suit, and i wear black pumps. i also don't tell people that "i really just want to go to ___, just here for back up" when the program coordinator is within earshot. saw a girl wearing a skirt so tight on her butt and ruffled i was embarrassed for her. cute skirt, but better for a night out on the town with a halter and some hootchie shoes. i also saw a girl wear leopard print flats, which maybe it doesn't matter, but i was told to err on the side of conservative female fashion for general surgery interviews. i know i looked appropriate, and i won't be talked about for being "that girl". how can you be taken seriously if you look like prostitute playing dress up for a day? and freaking get some concealer for interview-stress breakouts. it's not expensive, and goes a long way. i'm so glad that i invested in some because zits happen, and i don't want people staring at me and ignoring what i have to say.

ok, got on a bit of a rant there, but goodness. sometimes even i can't believe it, and i'm there seeing it in real time.

so now i'm going to go to the gym with K and get some lunch afterwards. woo!

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