Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i like fried eggs.

and i ate one this morning. it was delicious, with a bit of freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt. and the yolk was just perfectly runny, but not too much either.

i plan on doing quite a bit the next few days as far as holiday-things go...i plan to bake breads, make a pie, knit some hats...i should probably get started soon for the day. i've got 2 batches of "starter" going for the bread. i'm trying to infuse some sourdough essence into the bread, so i cheated and jump started the starter with some yeast. (normally you just allow the naturally occurring yeast float in and start doing their magic, but time, my friends, time.) i started everything yesterday morning and will keep it up through today, will bake tomorrow. i don't want to give "old bread" away. today i should probably knit and possibly make the pie...it's a "serve frozen" pie so it can sit for a while i would imagine. or i could just do it tomorrow too. ha. i also need to wrap some presents. i guess with all the traveling, i just haven't felt "holiday-y" yet.

so my last interview...well, i wanted to love it. i was so excited about the possibility of living in the area, easy distance from home, etc, etc. however, it was just possibly one of the most disappointing experiences i've had. it actually wasn't too bad, but you could just tell everyone was so tired. one of my interviewers was actively nodding off while i was talking to him! and no, he was NOT a resident. i didn't know what to do, so i just ignored it. what else was i supposed to do, bust him out? overall, just disappointed, and i was perfectly willing to overlook some things for the location.

with all that said...so far i definitely have places that make me happy. i know i will end up where i need to be.

ok, so i should probably get started on my list of things to do! i am SO THANKFUL for m4 year, you don't understand. a few days of sitting around doing household chores, relaxing, it's so nice. it makes the hard work worth it.

ps...if i see another freaking perfume commercial i think i will vomit.


Cecilia said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy. I also like be out of school and have a list about as long as yours. I'm interested in the hat you'll be knitting. Are they easy and fast? I'm always looking for new patterns.

frylime said...

for the hat, i'm not using any particular patterns. these are meant to be "workout" hats, so i'm using a really chunky machine-washable yarn with size 13 circular needles...this first one i'm about to be done, maybe 4 hours or so of work? just a simple "rolled-brim" hat, ha. one day i want to learn how to do more...like cables, etc.