Friday, December 31, 2010

end of 2010

2010 was a great year. currently just hanging out with H while we veg out and watch tv. thought i'd recap some of the more memorable moments of this past year...
  • deciding that i was definitely going into general surgery.
  • going to honduras with of the best trips of my life.
  • taking the step 2 ck and kicking its ass! woo!
  • making my first batch of wine. even though it tasted horribly...ha.
  • all the fun road trips...
  • getting to close fascia for the first time.
  • playing along on the interview trail.
there's obviously more, but i can't think right now of all of them. H and i were discussing them earlier in the day, and most of them revolve around food, ha. drinking coconut water on the beach, eating deliciously prepared local fish, finally figuring out how to make the perfect pizza, etc etc.

so my hopes for 2011 are:
  • be as healthy as possible by eating well and making time for exercise
  • spend quality time with H, friends, and family
  • adjust quickly to residency, wherever that may be, and learn all that i can
  • get a dog! hee hee...
happy new year everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

post holiday yay

i've had a wonderful holiday this year. no complaints. today i went shopping with some christmas money and got some new socks and some lovely born shoes...i needed some "grown up" nice walking around shoes...these look like boots but don't go over the ankles. i'm pretty excited about wearing them around. born is an awesome brand...never go wrong with those shoes.

K and i have a plan to get BUFF...started off yesterday with some weight training. today it hurts to walk up/down stairs, squat to potty, you name it. it's a good thing, i know, but damn! haha...don't get results unless you make it hurt, and i feel that if i can keep this up i'll be feeling healthier in no time.

i am making a pizza tonight for dinner, and i'm pretty excited about it. making some pizza dough now, will have an olive oil and garlic base, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and bacon and parmesan cheese, topped off with an arugula salad. YUMS.

i scheduled my flight for my last interview, and now i just need to decide what hotel to use. 10 interviews...goodness. i hope to get 1 more! or 2 more? or how about a zillion more? haha...after talking to some friends over the holidays, i think my list is pretty much cemented. but who knows, everything is fickle anyways. i hope H and i can make a road trip during MLK weekend to a place i really liked but he wasn't able to travel with me the first time. or if not there, then anywhere, really. ha.

also, i need to learn some spanish! i'm going to peru in february with school...super excited! any medical spanish books my readers would recommend?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i like fried eggs.

and i ate one this morning. it was delicious, with a bit of freshly cracked black pepper and sea salt. and the yolk was just perfectly runny, but not too much either.

i plan on doing quite a bit the next few days as far as holiday-things go...i plan to bake breads, make a pie, knit some hats...i should probably get started soon for the day. i've got 2 batches of "starter" going for the bread. i'm trying to infuse some sourdough essence into the bread, so i cheated and jump started the starter with some yeast. (normally you just allow the naturally occurring yeast float in and start doing their magic, but time, my friends, time.) i started everything yesterday morning and will keep it up through today, will bake tomorrow. i don't want to give "old bread" away. today i should probably knit and possibly make the's a "serve frozen" pie so it can sit for a while i would imagine. or i could just do it tomorrow too. ha. i also need to wrap some presents. i guess with all the traveling, i just haven't felt "holiday-y" yet.

so my last interview...well, i wanted to love it. i was so excited about the possibility of living in the area, easy distance from home, etc, etc. however, it was just possibly one of the most disappointing experiences i've had. it actually wasn't too bad, but you could just tell everyone was so tired. one of my interviewers was actively nodding off while i was talking to him! and no, he was NOT a resident. i didn't know what to do, so i just ignored it. what else was i supposed to do, bust him out? overall, just disappointed, and i was perfectly willing to overlook some things for the location.

with all that far i definitely have places that make me happy. i know i will end up where i need to be.

ok, so i should probably get started on my list of things to do! i am SO THANKFUL for m4 year, you don't understand. a few days of sitting around doing household chores, relaxing, it's so nice. it makes the hard work worth it.

ps...if i see another freaking perfume commercial i think i will vomit.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

laying on the couch and i love it

finally, a chance to breathe between interviews.

i have been on 7 now, got another this weekend. 2 in january. i'm hoping to possibly pick up a few more as people cancel, but who knows if that will happen. it's hard to keep everything separated. i stopped taking notes directly after each interview...just got too tired of doing "extra". i have been doing a running rank list in my mind though, so that's good. i'm not sure of which program is officially "1" and "2", but 3-7 are pretty much set. maybe i'll rearrange the ones of "not so much wanting to go here, but it would be ok", but right now the top 4 are definitely the top four. i am hoping that i really like/love this coming up interview. it has that pre-interview potential of being my new number 1, but who knows. i've gone to places where i have been pleasantly surprised and places where i was like HELL NO.

i understand how certain people have to scramble now, after having met some pre-lims who are interviewing for first year categorical spots like me. hopefully i don't come off as socially awkward or inept. i'm glad that i learned how to dress and act professionally. yes, i cuss like a sailor when i want to, but i don't do it on my interview day, a.k.a. "first date" with the new program. i wear pantyhose with skirt suit, and i wear black pumps. i also don't tell people that "i really just want to go to ___, just here for back up" when the program coordinator is within earshot. saw a girl wearing a skirt so tight on her butt and ruffled i was embarrassed for her. cute skirt, but better for a night out on the town with a halter and some hootchie shoes. i also saw a girl wear leopard print flats, which maybe it doesn't matter, but i was told to err on the side of conservative female fashion for general surgery interviews. i know i looked appropriate, and i won't be talked about for being "that girl". how can you be taken seriously if you look like prostitute playing dress up for a day? and freaking get some concealer for interview-stress breakouts. it's not expensive, and goes a long way. i'm so glad that i invested in some because zits happen, and i don't want people staring at me and ignoring what i have to say.

ok, got on a bit of a rant there, but goodness. sometimes even i can't believe it, and i'm there seeing it in real time.

so now i'm going to go to the gym with K and get some lunch afterwards. woo!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

don't have to work until feb

and i like it that way.

interview #4 went very well. i really liked the program, the area, the residents. it's definitely a contender. i'm realizing that rank list time is going to be some tough decisions.

i have 4 more interviews this month, then 2 more in january. i'm excited about all the possibilities.

and i'm so glad to not be in the ER. i effin' hate that place.

i'll do some better posts later. promise. it's just hard to post when i'm feeling lazy and tired. i fly tomorrow out to far away land. alas!