Wednesday, November 03, 2010

it's november

is it really november already? can't believe it. no more surgery months for me until i'm an intern next year...omg! i'm sad, i had a great month. i learned how to drive the camera nicely and got to practice a lot of sewing. this month i'm on ER. i think it will be ok. i predict i'm going to be that super annoying student who's like CAN I SUTURE, CAN I PUT IN THE LINE, ME ME ME ME ME! gotta get my money's worth!

i leave friday for my first interview. H is coming with me, since he only has to miss 1 day of work. flying + driving, alas. i bought a gps gadget, it should be coming today in the mail. can't wait to play with it. i am spending so much money too, it's kind of ridiculous, but necessary. i hope my new set of loans come in soon because another shot in the arm would be nice. also, i am checking my email like crazy. deans letters went out monday, and i really hope i get some more offers soon. i'm still at 9 interviews. yes, i am thrilled that i have 9, much better than zero, but i am GREEDY. i want MORE. i am excited about all of them in different ways. i have no idea where i want to end up, but i won't know until i go, right?

so today i have nothing going on...i want to find a folio for important papers, etc. i would love to get a bag, but oh well. i have a nice purse my parents got me for graduation a while back i can use, but i'm not a purse kind of person and would rather carry something else around for keys, etc. i got a london fog trench coat (in black) for everywhere that is cold and SNOWING. omg. i need to get hose, but i think for this first interview i'll wear my pants. aak! too many decisions. also, i need to go by the bank. and then K invited me over for MEATBALLS with spaghettis, and omg, MEATBALLS!!!

so i'm just going to sit around and be scared. i need to think of interview questions! review! aak! scared! i'm afraid i'm going to be spastic or something...alas. but i can always smile and talk rednecky which is cute coming from a southern asian girl, right?

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chasingzebras said...

You are cracking me up! I feel all of your interview woes. I have my UMC one this Friday and I'm shaking in my boots!!!