Saturday, October 02, 2010

new month

yesterday i started my acute care surgery month (ACS). 2 chiefs, a 2nd year resident, and then ME! no interns...and people who i get along with well. we will have M3 students rotating through each week. it really is amazing to me how much you learn as a student, a year ago i knew squat and now i'm able to teach the M3s all kinds of stuff. also, i'm kind of sad...this is my last surgery month this year. 4 in a row, not that bad. but i'll probably try to come back to conferences and stuff and scrub in a case or two in the spring.

interview count: 3. they are all scheduled. i have 2 in november, so i'm hoping that the ER will let me be slightly flexible in that regard. then dec/jan off for hopefully a zillion interviews! i would love to have at least 10...15 would be ideal. i'm prepared to drop a load of cash on everything because this IS the rest of my life, right? (also insert "fear of scrambling" here.)

the first thing i did yesterday was probe some rank butt abscess. ok, the abscess had been drained, but not so properly, or the infection was too rip roaring and had multiplied, but it was on the butt and i had to poke around in it. omg, the stink. definitely not the worst, not as bad as fournier's gangrene, but still, pretty rank. the poor M3s (who most definitely do not want to do surgery), i had them hold the patient up on the side because they were on the bigger side. and in a way, that's sad...i feel that this patient probably didn't know they had a butt abscess because they were so can't see that part of your body well anyway. later on we changed out a wound vac that was pretty drippy. again, the M3s didn't look too thrilled to be there, but you gotta do what you gotta do. me and the 2nd year res changed out the vac, put on a new one. then us students cleaned the patient's bed up and redid all the linens, etc. the best way to make a nurse love you? KEEP THE BED CLEAN OR CLEANER. and that's exactly what we did.

i have this weekend off, yay! H and i have some plans to ride bikes and!

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