Thursday, October 21, 2010

it has been a while

i know i know, i haven't blogged in a while, and honestly, don't care. HA. take THAT.

today i'm post call, ate some indian food with my team, went to sleep around 3:00 or so and didn't wake up till 7:40...awesome. call wasn't so bad, actually got to sleep some, but i think i'm just in a constant state of sleep deprivation so i take what i can get.

surgery is going so well...i love my team and i've gotten to see a lot of good "bread and butter" type of general cases. i've gotten better at driving cameras for laparoscopic cases. one of the residents the other day commented that my suturing has improved. they've even let me sew up some fascia, which is kind of a big deal, since there are BAD THINGS that can happen. today i got schooled on posture and how to stand, which seems like it wouldn't be a big deal, but it is! even got to do a sort of umbilicoplasty today without being too awkward.

so on the interview front...right now i have 8 scheduled. i'm so happy...i'm very excited to go visit and see what each place has to offer. i have gotten 10 or so official rejections, but that was and is to be expected. i still have yet to hear from the majority of my programs, but dean's letters don't get uploaded till november 1, so i imagine that a lot of places wait until then to holler at applicants. at the end of the day though, i'm so glad i dropped a ton of money on my applications...better to be safe than sorry, and it is the rest of my life anyway, might as well maximize what i can.

a side note, i can see where i could really get into laparoscopic surgery if i had the chance to play and practice. i got to play with the simulator for a few minutes and it was fun.

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