Monday, September 13, 2010

and so it begins

i got my first rejection today. alas. i know it's going to happen, and i'm not too upset over it, but it would have been nice to know some info up front. oh well. i think surgery sends out invites later than other specialties...i have friends already getting interviews, and while i'm happy for them, i can't help but think PICK ME PICK ME!!!

today i got inducted into the gold humanism honor society...nice dinner at school. the parents came, they were really happy. it was really humbling to know i got picked for it. and the speaker said something about being humanistic meant that you are a bit irrational, and then H was like THAT'S WHY YOU GOT IN, YOU'RE IRRATIONAL. ha, nice.

i love the sicu! i have a problem...i've enjoyed all the rotations i've done so far. it's also fun being on trauma call, seeing the patients in the ER, then seeing them in the OR, then seeing them in the sicu. talk about continuity of care. you don't need a stinking clinic for that! haha...

i'm still waiting on the opportunity to put in a chest tube...I WANT TO PUT IN A CHEST TUBE. it's just one of those things, i HAVE to do one. i also want to put in more central lines. i love that satisfaction of knowing i did it, and i did it right.

ok, bedtime. still sleepy from the crazy trauma call yesterday where everyone was having car wrecks or getting shot up. and the ER was consulting surgery like crazy. and i drank some wine so now i'm really tired. holla.

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