Thursday, August 05, 2010


i'm really tired. vascular is kicking my ass. i am post call today, had to scrub in a case all night, zero sleep, but then my intern let me leave around 8:30 this morning so i came home and slept for 8 hours in a row, first time in a LONG time. my feet and knees and hips are so sore from standing, my back hurts from leaning over. lots of sick patients. BUT, i'm learning a lot and being able to practice my skills! and i've been getting some great feedback from an attending who's been watching me work, so it's worth it, ha.

my schedule this week has been:
  • wake up at 3:15 am
  • eat/make coffee/check email
  • leave apartment by 3:45-3:50
  • arrive at school at 4:00
  • make sure list is correct (people in correct rooms, etc)
  • get labs and vitals
  • assist intern in writing notes, etc
  • pre-rounds with upper levels at 6:00
  • 7:00 meetings (sometimes), sometimes 2nd breakfast
  • cases all freaking day long, sometimes clinic thrown in
  • randomly round with attendings at their leisure
  • people start shooting people or other stupid shit and then we scrub in and operate for a long time
  • more badness happens to unlucky people and operate some more
  • go home anywhere from 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm or later
  • eat dinner, hang out with H
  • realize you are too tired to read or work on ERAS or anything else
  • go to bed realizing that in less than 4 hours you have to wake up and do it all over again
so i was kind of thankful today to be post call. isn't that weird? alas...

tomorrow i think is clinic in the partner and i are going to be splitting up clinic so we can get face time with our department chairman. kind of nerve racking, if you ask me.

hopefully tomorrow's pre-rounds will go better. this morning was just awful because we were a resident short, late, and really tired because of the events of last night. it will be better tomorrow. it has to be, right? i know i wasn't at the top of my game, but at the same time i have to have some sleep, and i got zero. it's a good excuse in the normal world, but not in medicine i guess. that's the sucky thing about being a med student...most of the time, nothing you do is good enough and people are always telling you that you're not doing well. so i really do hang on to those rare occasions that i get a compliment. makes it all worth it to hear a surgeon attending tell you "you have good hands", and then lets you tie off arteries and sew and all that fun stuff.

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chasingzebras said...

You poor thing. Don't know how you're hanging in there. Hopefully as the month goes on it will get better. So glad you're getting to sew though! I haven't even gotten to properly scrub in yet this month!