Thursday, July 15, 2010

now i can breathe more easily...

step 2 ck score came back this wednesday! and i did WELL! I DID GREAT! I AM THRILLED TO PIECES! when my assoc. dean told me what my score was, i thought he was lying. i didn't believe him. haha, i guess hard work does pay off. and what's weird is that i had a dream of what i was going to make months ago, and i was 1 point off of what i dreamed! PREMONITIONS! hopefully this will help me out with the ol' residency application certainly is inspiring to say the least!

in other news, things are going well in the CT front...i finally got over my virus, yay. i've been scrubbing into tons of cool cases, there's been a string of tetrology of fallot repairs! this morning i scrubbed into a peds ct case where there was definitive surgical repair of the TOF, pretty awesome. and i got to be first assist for a couple minutes (waiting for the other attending to scrub in and help) and got to help put in the arterial and venous cannulae for the cardiac bypass machine! the attending was like "you're getting to do things that a lot of residents have never done", and he even threw in a "you're doing a great job", and i was like OMG YEAH. though on the surface i was calm, cool, collected. inside i was squealing like a little girl. i got to use FORCEPS and hold the AORTA and the RIGHT ATRIUM and SUPERIOR VENA CAVA. i mean, that's super totally badass! well, i think so at least...ha.

and then i found out i get the weekend off. i'm really excited about that. i've worked every day straight since last tuesday. normally it wouldn't be so bad, but my day is normally between 12-14 hours long, and plus i was on call too, so i was at the hospital for 30 hours straight there. ok, so on saturday i was done at 11:00 in the morning, so technically i had an afternoon off...ha. i'm happy to work, but i gotta have some time to myself too. and this weekend i think some fun stuff will happen and i'm looking forward to hanging out with H and relaxing.

alright, going to read an article or two and then head to bed...yay!

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chasingzebras said...

That's so awesome! I'm so happy for you!!!