Sunday, July 25, 2010

no fun.

i'm leaving today to take my step 2 cs in houston. not happy about it. have i studied? not really, but i will on the drive down there today. i do believe i'll pass, just got to make sure i don't screw up by getting nervous or whatever. and i'm mad that i don't get my score supposedly until OCTOBER. so i guess i'll just automatically release my usmle transcripts on eras. which, speaking of, i haven't worked on in a while. next week i need to ask two people if they would be willing to write me rec letters, which is nerve racking in itself.

the good thing about the trip is that i'll catch up with a good friend that i haven't been able to talk to in a while. she's studying to be a genetic counselor, which is super awesome. maybe i can talk her into going to a korean restaurant...hahaha, doubt it.

ct surg is going well. i got to cut out some rib the other day!

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