Saturday, July 10, 2010

i'm tired

ct surg is fun, but i'm tired. and i'm sick. sick + tired = not ideal situation. but it's ok. i'm learning a lot, and i am finding that i enjoy reading surgical texts, which i think is a good thing because i want to do surgery? i've been learning about cardiac bypass, which gets easier to understand the more i read about it. i've made copies of other chapters in this CT book, and will read those later today. care of post-op patients and ACLS. important stuff. i'm also thinking about purchasing a general surgery text, but i might change my mind after i see how expensive they are...ha. i can just make a ton of copies at school.

i've gotten to see some great surgeries...tetrology of fallot repair, 2 CABGs, and a nuss bar removal. hopefully i'll get to see a thymectomy and some pulmonary lobectomies before it's all said and done. i'm getting more comfortable in the ICU setting, which was one of my main goals of M4 year. not that you can ever be comfy in the ICU, but at least confident enough in managing patients and understand pressors and dialysis and all that kind of stuff.

i've also had some good instruction on technique, for which i'm grateful. practice makes perfect!

so i worked on my eras some, and now i should read. my brain is too fogged up right now to think about editing my personal statement.

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