Saturday, July 17, 2010

golden weekend

today has been absolutely lovely...slept in till 7, ha. H and i saw my mom run in a race today, then ate some breakfast/lunch, then went to a local mall and i SHOPPED, then we cooked a lovely steak and ate it. now i'm laying on the couch. i love golden weekends! and my shopping trip was AWESOME. incredible deals, cute stuff, happiness! i also got a little black dress, don't know when i'll wear it, but i have it and it's cute. woo!

i'm debating another nap...hee hee.

i'm on call monday and have a massage scheduled for tuesday during my post call afternoon. can't wait! it will be oh-so-good and worth it.

pre-ordered my first real surgery textbook! i decided on greenfield's, and then saw that the 2010 edition comes out in september, so rather than get the 4th edition (from 2005), i thought i'd wait. i can read the book online from my library or see a copy in the surgery lounge, so no big deal. i'm excited!

so i really hope i get to put in a chest tube this month. i would absolutely squeal on myself!

ok, so now i'm going to nap or watch tv or something. hee hee...i love golden weekends!

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