Sunday, July 04, 2010

being an M4 is awesome

and you want to know why? BECAUSE YOU GET TO DO EVERYTHING AND GET FIRST DIBS. i like it. and you get to teach the M3 and M2 students on. and gently explain to the M2 who is used to being the only student that M4s get priority on doing certain things. and to not try to suture when my fingers are about 1 inch away from where he is going to suture. and no playing with the instruments. haha. but he's so eager, and i don't want to kill his excitement. i'll let M3 year kill his soul slowly...

so far i've gotten to scrub a tetrology of fallot repair and a CABGx5. long surgeries, but really satisfying to watch. i've already done a call night, got about 1 hour of sleep, but it was really good anyway. drunk people falling off boats, old people on blood thinners falling, car wrecks, successful suicide attempt, knife stab wound from angry girlfriend, and plenty of floor work. i learned how to change lines and sew them in, how painful (but necessary) it is to evacuate a hematoma and put on a wound vac at bedside, and that i need to brush up on my suturing. but i plan on buying some bananas and pigs feet and going to town. and practice my one-hand ties.

i'm off until resident is awesome. i plan on doing some baking tomorrow and bringing it up...all part of the plan. ha! no, honestly i just like to do a good job and keep my residents happy. next week the other M4 begins, and so i really just feel like i need to stay on my game to shine. so far has been good though. i already had a conversation with my resident along the lines of "please tell me what i need to do to improve, etc, because i want to get the most out of this and learn how to become a good intern"...highly recommend everyone have that conversation when you start out a new rotation because it lets them know that you are for real.

today i started up my ERAS application, and my other goal is to do my freakin' personal statement! my dean's letter meeting is tuesday so i have to hustle...

so yeah, i'm excited for the BEST YEAR EVER!

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