Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 month down, 10 to go!

and i say i only have 11 months in M4 year because i graduate in may...

1 down, 10 more to go!

this year is going to FLY!

and i have to admit, i'm going to miss CT surg a little bit...i didn't get to see near as many general thoracic cases as i would have liked. i start vascular tomorrow morning, be there bright and early at 4:30 am or so...but hopefully it won't be a terribly long day because there's generally no cases on sundays.

last night H and i had a lot of fun...we went to a lake-side bar and had red stripes while chatting and staring at the ducks. then we went to a super authentic mexican place (where you order in spanish) and i got enchiladas verdes al pastor and H got a taco and a sincronizada. oh, and i also got horchata. yums! we thought we'd be the only non-hispanic folks in there, but then this white couple walks in and we always see them EVERYWHERE at the local ethnic's like, we WOULD see them at the restaurant! but the funny part was they started ordering in english and the waitress/cook had to go get someone else to accept the order. ordering in spanish is not hard, just state the name of the dish/drink and say a number, like UNO or something. or point to the menu. oh well. i was so full after the meal and my earlier beer. we were supposed to meet up with some of my friends for late night drinks, but i fell asleep at 9:00 and didn't really wake up until 10:30, and at that point we didn't want to drive out there. i can't wait until i get some of my life back so i can see my friends when i want, but sleep is more important right now. plus they were all on EASY stuff so they can hang out whenever they want. sacrifices, ha, i suppose.

so vascular starts tomorrow super early, my life will be nonexistent in august, so no haters if i don't post too often.

here's to hoping today is fun...breakfast, gym, grocery, coffee shop, dinner with people...

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