Saturday, July 31, 2010

1 month down, 10 to go!

and i say i only have 11 months in M4 year because i graduate in may...

1 down, 10 more to go!

this year is going to FLY!

and i have to admit, i'm going to miss CT surg a little bit...i didn't get to see near as many general thoracic cases as i would have liked. i start vascular tomorrow morning, be there bright and early at 4:30 am or so...but hopefully it won't be a terribly long day because there's generally no cases on sundays.

last night H and i had a lot of fun...we went to a lake-side bar and had red stripes while chatting and staring at the ducks. then we went to a super authentic mexican place (where you order in spanish) and i got enchiladas verdes al pastor and H got a taco and a sincronizada. oh, and i also got horchata. yums! we thought we'd be the only non-hispanic folks in there, but then this white couple walks in and we always see them EVERYWHERE at the local ethnic's like, we WOULD see them at the restaurant! but the funny part was they started ordering in english and the waitress/cook had to go get someone else to accept the order. ordering in spanish is not hard, just state the name of the dish/drink and say a number, like UNO or something. or point to the menu. oh well. i was so full after the meal and my earlier beer. we were supposed to meet up with some of my friends for late night drinks, but i fell asleep at 9:00 and didn't really wake up until 10:30, and at that point we didn't want to drive out there. i can't wait until i get some of my life back so i can see my friends when i want, but sleep is more important right now. plus they were all on EASY stuff so they can hang out whenever they want. sacrifices, ha, i suppose.

so vascular starts tomorrow super early, my life will be nonexistent in august, so no haters if i don't post too often.

here's to hoping today is fun...breakfast, gym, grocery, coffee shop, dinner with people...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

no fun.

i'm leaving today to take my step 2 cs in houston. not happy about it. have i studied? not really, but i will on the drive down there today. i do believe i'll pass, just got to make sure i don't screw up by getting nervous or whatever. and i'm mad that i don't get my score supposedly until OCTOBER. so i guess i'll just automatically release my usmle transcripts on eras. which, speaking of, i haven't worked on in a while. next week i need to ask two people if they would be willing to write me rec letters, which is nerve racking in itself.

the good thing about the trip is that i'll catch up with a good friend that i haven't been able to talk to in a while. she's studying to be a genetic counselor, which is super awesome. maybe i can talk her into going to a korean restaurant...hahaha, doubt it.

ct surg is going well. i got to cut out some rib the other day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

golden weekend

today has been absolutely lovely...slept in till 7, ha. H and i saw my mom run in a race today, then ate some breakfast/lunch, then went to a local mall and i SHOPPED, then we cooked a lovely steak and ate it. now i'm laying on the couch. i love golden weekends! and my shopping trip was AWESOME. incredible deals, cute stuff, happiness! i also got a little black dress, don't know when i'll wear it, but i have it and it's cute. woo!

i'm debating another nap...hee hee.

i'm on call monday and have a massage scheduled for tuesday during my post call afternoon. can't wait! it will be oh-so-good and worth it.

pre-ordered my first real surgery textbook! i decided on greenfield's, and then saw that the 2010 edition comes out in september, so rather than get the 4th edition (from 2005), i thought i'd wait. i can read the book online from my library or see a copy in the surgery lounge, so no big deal. i'm excited!

so i really hope i get to put in a chest tube this month. i would absolutely squeal on myself!

ok, so now i'm going to nap or watch tv or something. hee hee...i love golden weekends!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

now i can breathe more easily...

step 2 ck score came back this wednesday! and i did WELL! I DID GREAT! I AM THRILLED TO PIECES! when my assoc. dean told me what my score was, i thought he was lying. i didn't believe him. haha, i guess hard work does pay off. and what's weird is that i had a dream of what i was going to make months ago, and i was 1 point off of what i dreamed! PREMONITIONS! hopefully this will help me out with the ol' residency application certainly is inspiring to say the least!

in other news, things are going well in the CT front...i finally got over my virus, yay. i've been scrubbing into tons of cool cases, there's been a string of tetrology of fallot repairs! this morning i scrubbed into a peds ct case where there was definitive surgical repair of the TOF, pretty awesome. and i got to be first assist for a couple minutes (waiting for the other attending to scrub in and help) and got to help put in the arterial and venous cannulae for the cardiac bypass machine! the attending was like "you're getting to do things that a lot of residents have never done", and he even threw in a "you're doing a great job", and i was like OMG YEAH. though on the surface i was calm, cool, collected. inside i was squealing like a little girl. i got to use FORCEPS and hold the AORTA and the RIGHT ATRIUM and SUPERIOR VENA CAVA. i mean, that's super totally badass! well, i think so at least...ha.

and then i found out i get the weekend off. i'm really excited about that. i've worked every day straight since last tuesday. normally it wouldn't be so bad, but my day is normally between 12-14 hours long, and plus i was on call too, so i was at the hospital for 30 hours straight there. ok, so on saturday i was done at 11:00 in the morning, so technically i had an afternoon off...ha. i'm happy to work, but i gotta have some time to myself too. and this weekend i think some fun stuff will happen and i'm looking forward to hanging out with H and relaxing.

alright, going to read an article or two and then head to bed...yay!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

i'm tired

ct surg is fun, but i'm tired. and i'm sick. sick + tired = not ideal situation. but it's ok. i'm learning a lot, and i am finding that i enjoy reading surgical texts, which i think is a good thing because i want to do surgery? i've been learning about cardiac bypass, which gets easier to understand the more i read about it. i've made copies of other chapters in this CT book, and will read those later today. care of post-op patients and ACLS. important stuff. i'm also thinking about purchasing a general surgery text, but i might change my mind after i see how expensive they are...ha. i can just make a ton of copies at school.

i've gotten to see some great surgeries...tetrology of fallot repair, 2 CABGs, and a nuss bar removal. hopefully i'll get to see a thymectomy and some pulmonary lobectomies before it's all said and done. i'm getting more comfortable in the ICU setting, which was one of my main goals of M4 year. not that you can ever be comfy in the ICU, but at least confident enough in managing patients and understand pressors and dialysis and all that kind of stuff.

i've also had some good instruction on technique, for which i'm grateful. practice makes perfect!

so i worked on my eras some, and now i should read. my brain is too fogged up right now to think about editing my personal statement.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

being an M4 is awesome

and you want to know why? BECAUSE YOU GET TO DO EVERYTHING AND GET FIRST DIBS. i like it. and you get to teach the M3 and M2 students on. and gently explain to the M2 who is used to being the only student that M4s get priority on doing certain things. and to not try to suture when my fingers are about 1 inch away from where he is going to suture. and no playing with the instruments. haha. but he's so eager, and i don't want to kill his excitement. i'll let M3 year kill his soul slowly...

so far i've gotten to scrub a tetrology of fallot repair and a CABGx5. long surgeries, but really satisfying to watch. i've already done a call night, got about 1 hour of sleep, but it was really good anyway. drunk people falling off boats, old people on blood thinners falling, car wrecks, successful suicide attempt, knife stab wound from angry girlfriend, and plenty of floor work. i learned how to change lines and sew them in, how painful (but necessary) it is to evacuate a hematoma and put on a wound vac at bedside, and that i need to brush up on my suturing. but i plan on buying some bananas and pigs feet and going to town. and practice my one-hand ties.

i'm off until resident is awesome. i plan on doing some baking tomorrow and bringing it up...all part of the plan. ha! no, honestly i just like to do a good job and keep my residents happy. next week the other M4 begins, and so i really just feel like i need to stay on my game to shine. so far has been good though. i already had a conversation with my resident along the lines of "please tell me what i need to do to improve, etc, because i want to get the most out of this and learn how to become a good intern"...highly recommend everyone have that conversation when you start out a new rotation because it lets them know that you are for real.

today i started up my ERAS application, and my other goal is to do my freakin' personal statement! my dean's letter meeting is tuesday so i have to hustle...

so yeah, i'm excited for the BEST YEAR EVER!