Thursday, June 10, 2010

nothing new here...

just studying for step 2. it's on friday, june 18. yes, i'm freaking. yes, i hate USMLE world. (but only have 325 questions left!) yes, i've been having the study munchies for food that is not found in my area of living. yes, that makes me feel pissy.

so what do i do about it all? well, yesterday i cut my hair...about 5 inches, GONE! i love my hair guy...just tell him 1) i need to still put it in a ponytail, 2) i don't do blow dryers or "product", 3) you know it's going to be MONTHS before i come back because i'm lazy about my hair, and 4) NO BANGS. and now i have fabulous sassy hair. and no split ends. hooray!

today i have study date planned with my fun study friends...haha. basically we all sit around in silence, then bitch out loud, and then do questions, and every once in a while you here someone curse, or shake their arms in frustration, or pound the table loudly. all in a day.

currently awaiting the EMAIL that will say "frylime has done the awesomest on her surgery board! she made a ONE MILLION!!!" ok, maybe not a one million but hopefully about 70 (national average raw score) and maybe hopefully above class average? since this is what frylime wants to do with her life?

now i gotta run to school and get my malarial drug prescription (for HONDURAS!!!). hopefully i won't get mefloquine. that stuff messes you UP.

study hard, friends!


kris said...

I hope I'm not being dense (in case you already explained why on your blog) by asking but why will you be in Honduras ?

frylime said...