Thursday, June 17, 2010

it's tomorrow

my step 2 ck is tomorrow. i've been trying my hardest to not freak out about it. at least at this point i know i should pass. i feel more prepared this time than for step 1, i think i do at least.

i'm just going to spend today reading over some of my rougher areas, namely renal, rheum, and heme. i think i know enough of endocrine to not embarrass myself. oh, and going over the "top 100 secrets" in my secrets book. and also getting bread as to make a pb and j sammich tomorrow for lunch. i'm going to bring a cooler to put in my car so everything tastes good.

i also have a meeting today with a VIP in the surg department. (i know, why meet day before step? because my brain is useless anyways...) i hope it goes well. i plan it to be a "hello, this is me and my story" type of meeting. i'm sure it will be fine...i tend to thrive off of those unpredictable situations.

i was hoping that south korea wouldn't have lost 4-1 this morning, but oh well.

so now i should do some ironing so i can look business-y this morning.

please forgive me if i don't update for over a week or so...i'm going to try and post about my thoughts about the test, but honestly, i'm not going to promise anything. friday night should be spent in a coma, saturday will be frenzied packing, and sunday is honduras! then when i get back we can talk about that and PERSONAL STATEMENTS. boo that. ha!

good luck everyone else taking the step!

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